Sugar Baby Makeup Brands

By Colette

Mar 17, 2017

As a Sugar Baby looking your best is extremely important when it comes to attracting your ideal Sugar Daddy. Makeup plays a key role in bringing out your best features.  While it’s fun to drool over the latest launches at Sephora, let’s be real Sugar Daddy sponsored trips to Sephora don’t happen every day. It’s not a good idea to blow your allowance on makeup.

That’s where it (literally) pays to keep up with these go to Sugar Baby makeup brands. They’re very high quality and are only available online. This is a key reason why these brands can keep their products so affordable.

Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek is by Marlena Stell, a beauty guru on YouTube. One of her goals with Makeup Geek is to provide very high quality products at a super affordable price and she totally delivers!  The brand sells individual eyeshadow pans along with Z palettes and travel-size palettes. It’s easy to put together a custom eyeshadow look for when you’re on the go.  As someone who’s totally guilty of buying an expensive eyeshadow palette only to then use like one or two shades, I thought Makeup Geek’s approach was genius.

Of course, that’s not all they sell.  Makeup Geek has blush, contour powders, highlighters, brushes, eyeliners, and lip glosses and lipsticks all at drugstore-level prices.  In particular, I love their eyeshadows and brushes. I can’t wait to try their lip glosses and blushes.  In case you’re curious, the Defined Crease and Pencil brushes have a permanent home in my brush cup alongside my MAC brushes—they’re that good!


Colourpop is another favorite brand that’s super fun and affordable.  They’re most well-known for their Ultra Matte Lip. It has the same formula as Kylie’s lip kits but is a fraction of the price.  Word on the street has it that the Ultra Matte Lip is bj-proof.  But you didn’t hear it from me! 😉   My current ride-or-die shade is Midi—it’s a very flattering nude color.  Since I have fair skin, I pair it with the Lippie Pencil in the shade Skimpy, and wear their primer stick as a base so my lips don’t get dried out.  And voila—my lip color is magically kiss-proof!

Colourpop is also known for their Super Shock products, especially eyeshadows and highlighters.  These products have a spongy, mousse-like texture that you can apply with your fingers. They’re perfect for you if your brush collection isn’t totally fleshed out yet.  Another great product is their lipliners, called Lippie Pencils on the site.  They literally go on like butter, and are only $5 each!

The brand is constantly launching new products and collabs—with beauty vloggers, celebrities, and brands alike—so there’s always something new to try.  One of the best parts is that they have free shipping on orders of $30 or more—so with an average price point of $6 or $7 a pop, it’s easy to round up like 5 or 6 things to try in one order.

Enjoy & happy sugaring!