Sugaring When You Don’t Have Nice Clothes

By Malia

Jan 07, 2017

“How can I get a Sugar Daddy if I don’t have nice clothes?” Famous last words from the newbie Sugar Baby who always complains about what they don’t have, rather than focusing on what they do! Sugaring when you don’t have nice clothes is entirely possible.

Worried about your clothing being a misfit in your POT’s world because you don’t have a posh closet? Wondering how to approach the money topic with a POT if you can’t get dolled up in couture to meet him?

PAUSE right away if you see those thoughts as obstacles preventing you from becoming a Sugar Baby. First off, refrain from asking for advance cash if you don’t want to be taken as a rinser. Let me throw in some tips for this Sugar Baby clothing issue.

Go Naked!

Well, don’t take my advice literally (unless of course you already know your SD well)! Go naked as in show yourself for who you are. You don’t need a made-up look, and for that matter, you don’t need a made up persona to enter the Sugar Bowl.

Look at your body type. What are your best body features? Pick an area you are mostly proud. Next, look at your closet and check for outfits that accentuate your signature body part and make you feel sexy. Think of clothes that you get most attention from the opposite gender as you walk around town wearing them. No matter how simplistic that outfit is, that is what you should wear to your date.

POTs Don’t Care About Clothes

For the most part, the male mind is simple. When a POT looks at what you are wearing, he is imagining what is underneath. Most men don’t care about what brand you are wearing. We Sugar Babies do. We understand how a high-end dress hugs perfectly, but be practical until you are in a sweet situation to afford them. There is nothing wrong with a less than perfect fit that shows enough of your shape.  

Generally speaking, the fact a SD has made more money and succeeded in his life doesn’t change his wardrobe. Unless of course, you are on the lookout for the new money type of Sugar Daddy – that type of SD who likes to display (instead of drive) his Ferrari and wrap himself in designer outfits head to Gucci covered toes.

Even in this case, it is ok to wear what you have and let him transform your outfits  to match his wearables if he wants an arm candy head turner designer doll. This is by no means permission to show up in rags. Some Sugars think showing up to a date looking homeless will make him want to put her up in a penthouse. This is a strange delusion. Look the best YOU possibly can.

Shopping on a Tight Budget

There are inexpensive ways to make it work. All you need is one or two cute outfits and you can rotate them.

If on the third date he asks you out and you have nothing to wear that he hasn’t seen, this can be brought up in a genuine and non-demanding way, preferably over the phone. Like a phone call, where he can hear the sincerity of your voice, not a text where it can be misinterpreted as entitlement.

So carve out some time to go shopping, or hunting in some cases, and use this guide. Think of how much cash you have in hands and stay within your means.

Under $5

Accessories cost $1 to $3 at the clearance racks at H&M or Forever 21. They make any basic outfit come to life. Think of a pastel scarf for the innocent look, a bold necklace that draws attention to your chest, the bold earrings that deepen your eye colors. Use them to stand out and make it easy for your POT to compliment you. When you FEEL good about your outfit, you’ll be more likable.

On clothing, do not discount favors from your roommate, friend, or even mom’s closet. Borrow a blouse for a day, get your friend a little accessory in appreciation when you get your first allowance.

Under $10

Go for a treasure hunt at Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, and nonprofit stores from churches, schools, hospitals in your area. Check out the dresses. Keep an eye on eBay, especially if you are off size and require alteration, search for pieces based on your measurements.

If you don’t have any high heels, buy a basic black pump right away so you can match with dresses or jeans. H&M and Forever 21 also have some amazing clearance sections for new clothes. It just takes time to go through everything. Think of it as one small effort required to reach your goals.

Under $20

Old Navy, Ross, Marshall’s, T J Maxx… They can be a gem to put an entire ensemble for minimum cost. Fast fashion retailers like Wet Seal and Forever 21 have some options that look expensive, but rarely are. For shoes, here are some ways to buy shoes that look expensive. Websites like PinkBasis are a great resource for inexpensive heels and ship from California. 

One extra tip here, stay away from those sexy and fun outfits from online stores shipping from China. Major disaster as the outfits do not look nearly the same as the pictures, sizing is off, and it takes forever to be delivered.

Under $50

Nordstrom Rack, Off 5th, Tanger Outlet malls, DSW. These are the places I like to build my wardrobe over time. I make them my destination spot for reasonable, quality buys even when I have a sweet budget. Think of classic cut, neutral tones, so you can build the canvas to accessorize later and use these pieces in many ways.

Last, but not least, if it is your first date and you are uncomfortable with your closet, be frank and let your POT know you don’t have a suitable outfit and really would prefer to meet somewhere simpler where you don’t feel self conscious.
Wear what makes you feel good. Get dressed in whatever, and don’t let clothing be the scapegoat: You can find a SD even if you don’t have the nicest clothes!