Sugaring On A Budget

By Lily Katherine

Apr 14, 2016

As a new Sugar Baby you might not be able to afford expensive clothes to wear on dates with Daddy. If you learn the art of Sugaring on a budget you can look the part without breaking the bank. Below I will share a few tips so you can make sure you always look like a million bucks.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is a great place to start because they have a good mix of casual and dressy. Plus they carry shoes, accessories and even makeup. You can spend less than $100 & come out with multiple outfits. A good way to save money shopping here is to buy solid-colored dresses in different cuts and lengths. Solid dresses can be styled to look like different outfits by pairing them with jackets, sweaters and accessories.

Nordstrom Rack

This store carries discounted designer wear so while you will definitely be getting a good deal you need to keep in mind that these items will still be on the pricey side. Your go-to here is definitely going to be accessories. Jewelry and handbags can really tie your outfit together, so it is a good idea to spend a bit more on these items. Pairing a spectacular statement necklace with an inexpensive dress can give your entire outfit an expensive looking makeover. Additionally, this is a great spot to score luxury hair products and makeup for cheap.


If you can afford to spend a little more than Forever 21, but you’re not quite at Nordstrom Rack status yet, H&M is a great in-between option. H&M has a lot of great trendy pieces as well as all the classic staples you need to build a great wardrobe: LBD, blazer, a pair of black pumps, simple ballet flats, and the perfect fitting jeans. This store also carries inexpensive lingerie, swimwear and swim accessories that are classy and fashionable  in case you need something for a getaway with Daddy.

Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW)

Some Sugar Babies would say shoes are the most important part of an outfit. A staple that every SB should have is a killer pair of heels. When Sugaring on a budget you probably won’t be able to afford multiple pairs so invest in a really nice neutral heel first. DSW offers an array of shoes from name brand designers and in multiple price ranges. Be prepared to spend some time here because these stores are normally very large, but you should be able to find what you are looking for.

No matter what boutique or store you are shopping at, be sure to take some time to look at the sale racks. Although it can be time consuming and sale racks are often cluttered and unorganized, with a little digging you can find some great deals. Remember putting time and effort into your appearance will help you attract higher-level Sugar Daddies. Think of the entire process as an investment.

Happy Sugaring!