To Wear Designer, or Not?

By Samantha

Oct 02, 2016

Are you one of those Babies that looks in the mirror before a first date and asks: to wear designer, or not? Many Sugars struggle with what to wear for the initial meet. We wonder if we should put our best foot forward in Louboutins, or just impress him with our wit in basic Steve Maddens. So many Babies make the mistake of wearing their designer items on the first date which can easily be perceived as less than favorable.


When Sugar dating you have to be familiar with the ratio. For every one Sugar Daddy there are about ten girls going after him. It’s natural to want to impress him, but there are other ways to do that. Showing up to your first date in all designer clothing can easily send the message that you do not need the help. It takes away the excitement of wanting to be the one to expose you to that lifestyle.


It’s natural to want to show a new guy that you are experienced. Instead of flaunting it, show him by your actions. Show him that you are not all about designer items and that there is more to that beautiful face of yours. Show him the depth to your personality through your charming nature and your witty words that leave him hanging on of the edge of his seat. Shine with your knowledge by being up with current events, business concepts, stock markets, and politics. By doing this, it won’t matter that you are draped in fast fashion because he will be lost in you.


Give your new date the opportunity to create an experience for you. Men are providers who love to show off. They love to feel like they are exposing you to something different which is truly how they differentiate themselves from other men. The pretense of a Sugar Baby’s goal is to enhance their own life through dating. If you come across like you have it all, there will be nothing left for your new man to give. Giving the impression you are the girl who doesn’t have designer digs allows him to expose you to the finer things and feel enamored while doing it.


When you were a child, a father was perceived to be the head of the household or the provider. If your mother had it all, there was nothing left for daddy to provide. Thus leaving him to feel like less of a man. This same concept applies to your Sugar Daddies. Men want to feel as though they are changing your life! So let him feel that way. If you don’t, he will just find another Sugar Baby in whose life he can make a difference. The excitement of any real Sugar Daddy comes from wanting to do things for you and seeing you smile. Give your potential Daddy that rush and let him feel like he is providing you with a grandiose experience that you may not be used to.


There are several ways to look like a million bucks with regular clothing. Solidifying a Daddy is all about your level of confidence, how you walk, and how you talk. Some of the sexiest women are dressed in affordable clothing but come across differently because of their aura. You can be the sexiest woman as well with a sexy, appropriate length, and body fitting cocktail dress from Nordstrom’s and still solidify a Daddy before the girl with the Chanel romper does.

Now, the next time you are about to get ready for that upcoming date… Do not be afraid to wear that dress from Zara or those heels from Macy’s, paired with your sex appeal and intellect. Show him what he’s been missing, and in due time you will have more designer items than you ever thought of… Not because it was an expectation, but because he wanted you to have it. It will certainly pay off in the long run.