What Your Handbag Says About You

By Marilyn

Mar 17, 2016


Sugar Babies know how to sparkle as arm candy, but every girl needs her own piece of bag candy, too. Whether you tote a little leather something from your sugar daddy or you have a go-to arm candy caddy, there’s no mistaking that your handbag is something between your true gal pal and a girly spirit guide.  A designer handbag speaks to your style. Here’s what your handbag says about you. 

Kate Spade

You might not be decked out in hair ribbons, but you have a sweet side. While you could rock a pair of four inch heels as you balance a cocktail, a shopping bag, and a bouquet of roses on a date, your handbag also pairs perfectly with some pretty flats and being treated to a blowout.  Just try adding a coy smile to your bag of tricks and watch the men go wild.  


Just ask Coco.  You’re the classic beauty with balanced taste.  Your wardrobe is more than enviable and you look best drenched in gold.  You reveal just as much as you leave to the imagination at dinner, and you’re a total showstopper at dessert.  A killer smokey eye and a bold red lip on a date can ensure you’re remembered long after you leave the room for your sultry style.  


Around the clock, you’ve got your style on point.  You’re quick to the chase, and totally worth chasing as you strut away in your patent pumps.  You know exactly which handbag you want the minute you see it, and “No” is not an option.  This season the bags are looking especially hot, so why not ask your sugar daddy for two?

Louis Vuitton

Your look is anything but basic.  Distressed denim, a hot pair of pumps, and a string of pearls have never looked so good.  With your effortless style, you rock whatever you want, but you only want the best.  You’re one to watch out for though, because if anyone asks you if your handbag is a knock-off, you’ll definitely consider knocking them out with three grand in leather.  


Like Dolce and Gabbana’s prints, you are fierce.  You’re an experienced fashionista who knows how to pair an animal print like there’s no tomorrow.  You are the life of the party, and you can always talk whoever you want into one more glass of champagne.  With that charm on top of your looks, the heads aren’t just turning when you show up to dinner… they’re drooling.


There is so much more to you than a perfect manicure on top of a good tan with a perpetually fantastic hair day, but that part is looking awfully good.  You’re a savvy dresser, and you’re skilled at capturing a man’s attention.  You’ve got the smarts, but you know that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from a plunging neckline or a tiny mini skirt.  

Christian Louboutin

Those red soles called out to you from the day you first laid eyes on them, and of course, you needed a handbag to match.  It’s an expensive bag, but you’re sexy, confident, and totally worth it.  Getting dressed just might be your favorite part of the day besides showing it all off.  Your closet is a bonafide sugar baby candyland, and and you know exactly how to play.  

Alexander McQueen

You’re the queen of cool.  Your unbeatable style makes your lavish tastes worth every penny.  A total catch complete with beauty and brains, you’re not just another sugar baby.  Quick-witted and drop dead gorgeous, you and your style both have an alluring edge.  You can pull off a black leather moto jacket before breakfast, and not just because you partied until the sun came up.