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      The Sugar Bowl can be intimidating or welcoming, depending on what you know. There are a number of questions you may ask yourself, and with good reason. How can you become a Sugar Baby? What do Sugar Babies do? What do Sugar Daddies really want? If you’re nodding at each of these questions, have no fear! That’s what we’re here for. Personal Sugar advice, just for you!
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    • Connect with other Sugar Babies
      Looking to meet other Sugar Babies in your area? This forum is the place to do it! Search for Sugar Babies near you using your location or city name. Connect with groups of Latina Sugar Babies, College Sugar Babies, Trans Sugar Babies, Brown Sugar Babies, Asian Sugar Babies and more. You can even a mentor that can help you become a Sugar Baby. Learn more about how the Sugar Sisters forums work here.
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    • News
      The news within the Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy community is just as important as any news you’ll find out there--it’s simply less circulated because of the size of our community. Sometimes, important details about the Sugar lifestyle may get lost among the sea of other stories out there. Luckily, there’s one place you’ll always be able to find important details and breaking Sugar news--here.
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    • Relationships
      Sugar relationships can be hard to navigate, especially if you happen to be a Sugar newbie. While each arrangement is different, there are basic aspects that are comparable across the board. Get specific advice on your Sugar arrangement by posting your questions in this forum.
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    • Sex
      There can be a lot of questions when it comes to the sweetest form of Sugar. It’s not always easy to discuss the topic of sex, as everyone’s preferences and experiences are different, but shedding light on a few general, key issues can definitely help. There is more to Sugaring than meets the eye, so we want to help you navigate through one of the most complex parts of a Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy Relationship.
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    • Money
      Money is a large part of any relationship, but the etiquette is sometimes unclear in Sugar relationships. If you ask for an allowance too early, it can damper your Sugar Daddy’s mood and make you seem unappealing. If you hold off on expressing your wants and needs for too long, it may turn into something that isn’t as mutually beneficial as you’d intended. This is where to get advice on Sugar Baby allowances.
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      SouthernSD SouthernSD

    • Fashion
      A Sugar Baby’s “look” should match her personality: sweet and polished! For Sugar girls, fashion is an important part of the Sugar lifestyle. Your Daddy wants you to have a keen eye for designs. If you show knowledge of current trends, that means you’ll receive the hottest, newest styles as gifts! Get the advice you need about what to wear on your next Sugar date here.
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      melanin _ melanin _

    • Confessions
      This wouldn’t be the best place to come for Sugar advice if we didn’t have some juicy confessions! Nearly everyone has had embarrassing, confusing, or downright random encounters in the Sugar Bowl, whether you’re a Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby, Sugar Momma, Sugar Gayby, etc. There may be someone out there, just like you, who has experienced something similar and needs to hear it. Only one rule in here--spill, Sugar Sisters!
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      N2fungirl N2fungirl

    • LGBT
      Relationships can be difficult, and finding quality dating advice can be even harder. It can be even more difficult to receive good advice in the LGBTQ community, considering how much smaller it is than the general heterosexual community. Throw in the fact that you’re in a Sugar Relationship and it’s extremely hard to find people in similar situations! Have no fear, this is your LGBTQ Sugar Central.
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      Inamorato Inamorato

    • BBW
      Like all women in the world, Sugar Babies came in all shapes and sizes. Although this is the case, a lot of the stereotypical Sugar Baby body types are often preferred over the curvier women. This can be difficult, but fear not Sugar Sisters, there are more of us out there than you may believe. While we feel each and every person is beautiful in his/her own way, we want to see some love for the ladies with a little extra Sugar to give!  
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      Inamorato Inamorato

    • First Meetings
      There are a number of questions that pop into nearly everyone's head before a first date, however, there can be even more pressure when it comes to first meetings with Sugar Daddies. What should I wear/ Is this too sexy? Too tame? How should I do my makeup? What should we talk about? How long should a first meeting be? What is the best way to ensure my safety when first meeting a POT? We’re here to answer these tough--but necessary--questions! 
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    • Ethnic
      Sugar can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. In the Sugar Bowl, there seems to be a set type of Sugar Baby that determines “the desired look,” but who says they have to? There is someone for everyone, and each Sugar Daddy has his own personal taste. Sugar Sisters, if you have questions regarding culture or diversity, you’ve find the right spot!
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      Brie Sweet Brie Sweet