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    Hello babes! I’m A, I’m 18 and based in Southern California.

    In a little over one year (June 2020) I want to leave to travel Europe’s hotspots for the rich and meet sugar daddies, young rich boyfriends and possibly a sponsor/whale daddy. During this time I also want to level up my Instagram and hopefully get some brand deals/sponsorships through that!

    The places I want to travel to are :

    Ibiza , Spain (Rich Young Boyfriends)

    Mykonos , Greece (Rich Young Boyfriends)

    Santorini , Greece (Rich Young Boyfriends)

    Marbella , Spain (Rich Young Boyfriends)

    London , England (Rich Young Boyfriend/Sugar Daddy/Sponsor)

    Amalfi Coast , Italy (Sugar Daddy)

    Saint-Tropez , France (Sugar Daddy)

    Nice, France (Sugar Daddy)

    Monaco , Monte Carlo (Sponsor/Whale)

    Ibiza , Spain (Rich Young Boyfriend) ((Once more for the closing parties))

    I have no friends in real life who are looking to upgrade their lifestyle like I am. Throughout this year and few months I am going to level up my appearance through dieting, exercise and I’m going to get a few small, SMALL procedures to upgrade my looks further. I’m going to be working two jobs to add to my savings that I already have for the trip (I’ve been planning this for over a year already!). The goal is to leave Europe with a couple rich boyfriends, a couple sugar daddies, maybe even a couple cute girl friends to meet with when I travel to Europe and the DREAM is to leave with a sponsor. I’d LOVE to have a girlfriend with me or even better a GROUP of girlfriends. It’d make the trip a lot more enjoyable and safer of course. If anyone is interested PLEASE MESSAGE ME !!!!!! ( I’m also going to Coachella in April next year maybe we could meet there? )

    KIK : alyssaxoxo_008
    EMAIL : [email protected]

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