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    Hi ladies,

    So, I’m a college student currently and I do a ton of research. Therefore, I have to do research on SB factors as well in order to get the approximate amount to ask for in allowance.

    Here’s the story: I got into this because I’ve always been curious and hey, student loans suck. I wanted to do this in order to build up my savings account so when I finish my PhD, I can start hacking away at loans successfully. I began about a month ago on SA, browsing and seeing what my options were. Of course there were weirdos out there but then there were also some potential winners. I was trying my hardest to decide what type of allowance to ask for. I understand there are many factors–how often you meet, what you’re doing, how much your SD makes, etc. I only went on 2 actual dates. The first one went really well, very kind guy and extremely respectful. He was very into me and was excited to get started on our relationship, but he was also kind enough to say “Make sure to go on other dates too, see what else is out there for you. Don’t just settle for me.” Well, I did indeed go on another date and it went horribly, the guy was nothing that he described in his profile and I felt like I was catfished. Anyways, I continued talking with the first guy and building my relationship with him. We decided on $300 per meeting + he’d pay for anything else we did or things I wanted done like my nails, hair, shopping, etc. But, we recently spoke about a monthly allowance and he said that we should get me on one instead of doing pay per date. (We had seen each other 6-7 times already). I was looking into opening a savings account and figuring out how much I could put away each month — which depended on him, because he would be providing the allowance.

    We had formed a very strong relationship, and he deeply cares for me. He offered $1000 per month. Now, it was difficult for me because I wanted more each month to put away, but we had built such a strong relationship that I didn’t want to ask for me. At that point, he admitted that he had fallen for me, and he only cares that I reach my goals and potential. He suggested I return to the site to see if I could find someone who could treat me as well and give me more money. I won’t lie, I am saddened by this. I was only going to ask him for $1500 per month, but he reminded me that I am new to this and I need to check out more options and do for myself and not for him, because in the end we truly aren’t in this for love, but for allowance and mentorship to help us succeed the best we can.

    Sorry that was really long winded, I just felt like background was important. Anyways, I live in the Pittsburgh area, and I’m not sure what an “appropriate” allowance is and I really need some overall advice from more experienced people. Thank you so much!



    That was a well written explanation of your situation. I’ll answer your main question first.

    There is no “appropriate” or “set” amount for any city. Larger cities can garner a possible larger allowance but it all comes down to what your needs are and what is negotiated. Every sugar relationship is unique. I’ve never had the exact same sugar relationship with my SB, they all wanted something different.

    As for this particular gentleman, he seems like he knows what he is doing and possibly, like many of us, has been rinsed or had some bad sugar and might be slightly jaded. Many SD will start lower with an allowance until the SB can prove to be reliable, then up the allowance after a few months if all is cricket. Back to this gentleman, I believe he is letting you know without saying it outright, that his disposable income is limited and he will not be able to do much more then the $1000.00. I may be wrong on that, so if you have no other decent offers or SD you’re attracted to, go with this guy and see how it develops. $1500 is reasonable, get a few months under your belt with him them then ask if he is able to increase the amount. If he cannot then you have to make a decision wether to continue. Keep in mind the old adage, “A bird in hand is better then two in the bush.”

    Lastly, I like the fact you are thinking smartly with your money, paying of study loans and saving, you’re way ahead of women your age more worried having a Gucci bag and Loubs.

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