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    Brush your teeth with baking soda and use hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash. These are ingredients in most whitening toothpastes and have the same effect even if it’s a bit slower. You will also save A LOT of money this way. If the baking soda taste is too unpleasant for you, you can add flavoring with extracts to tone it down and make it bearable.



    More hacks:

    1) do your own nails. Save your cash! Budget!

    Either do a simple base coat, color and glaze top coat (must use sturdy and quality top coat)
    Go to a CVS and buy a DIY Acrylics Mani and Pedi set. The Mani set was around twelve bucks.

    Be very careful with the acrylics set… The liquid has strong fumes, and you don’t want any of that stuff in your eyes, mouth or stomach. Acrylics are difficult (for me)! Takes some practice.

    For time’s (and money’s) sake, I stick with the simpler option. At the end, it looks professionally done and I only have to buy one set of polishes that last about 3-6 months.

    2) Essential oils bath.

    Save the pricey perfumes for super special occasions and relax in a soothing salt and essential oils bath. My favorite way of doing this is by adding scented salts, crystals or bath fizzes to distribute the oils. Have the water running on the perfect temperature, and Viola! Relaxing bliss (while reading an assignment or listening to something important).

    Your skin will feel so smooth and smell natural, fresh, comforting… pleasant for everyone else and a sensual SD.

    3) Astringent and toner, DAILY.

    KEEP YOUR FACE CLEAN! Dirt accumulates throughout the day, so you’ll need to wipe down once or twice a day. Make sure to moisturize afterwards.

    There are more… My mind is focused on my bath. Lol!



    1) Castille soap. You can use it for EVERYTHING. Body wash. Shampoo. Toothpaste. Laundry detergent. General house cleaning.

    2) You can safely(if slowly) bleach hair at home with peroxide, which is super cheap. It takes time, but it’s cheap. A slower natural alternative is lemon juice. That works better for just highlights or streaks, less so for full head.

    3) BLONDES: Use purple shampoo. It keeps brassy tones out of your hair, meaning you can bleach it less. It also works for y’all workin the silver/white hair trend.

    4) The best black hair dye I’ve ever used is Revlon colorsilk. It is $3 at my local walmart. If you want a pure jet black with no brown or blue or purple tones, this is your colour. Also didn’t damage my hair virtually at all.

    5) Invest in either a satin scarf, sleeping cap, or pillowcase. Your hair will thank you. Pillowcase is best for brush-and-and go types. Scarves are best for holding hair rollers or pin curls in place while you sleep and can be tied differently to accomodate a head of rollers or a bare head. The sleeping cap has most of the same perks of the scarf, but with the downside of either moving around more(if it’s too big) or cutting into your skin(if it’s too small). Hair breaks less when rubbing around on satin and the satin doesn’t absorb as much oil or moisture from the hair as some other fibers.

    6) When searching for coloured metal jewelery, always make sure it is ANODIZED. Not painted. The paint can chip eventually and cause nasty infections or irritations. This is more of a safety precaution than a beauty hack.

    7) Invest in a clear lipliner and a sharpener for it. We all know we should line our lips to keep our pout perfect, but it’s a pain trying to match colours of lipstick to liner after the fact or just downright expensive getting the matching liner in the first place. Get one clear, universal liner(or a few if you’re like me and always have emergency makeup ready) and just sharpen it between uses to prevent colour transfer. You can also use alcohol wipes to clean it like they do at makeup counters. You should still totes have separate sharpeners for your lip liner and your eyeliner for health reasons though.

    8) Makeup expires. Don’t buy 6 of that new eye palette just because it’s awesome and limited edition. Unless you’ll actually use up that much. In which case, go with gob. Your staples(stuff you use every single day and will actually run out of before the expiration) are good to buy in bulk. A lot of beauty products and makeup have their expiration listed as so many months AFTER OPENING, so you even if you don’t open it for a month after you get it, you could still have time.


    I do not specifically have beauty hacks but have found it useful to stick to a few loyalty programs through which I can see liege on quality products.

    I believe it is best to use less but high end, quality items – whether it is a good perfume that works well with your body chemistry and lasts longer or higher end makeup that goes on flawlessly to give a natural look lasting all day long.

    I agree with Somuchrainbow – buying a lot of makeup ends up being a waste in the end and funky shades or colours end up losing their appeal long before the product is actually used up…


    Make a paste of witch hazel and baking soda and rub it all over from head to toe. It’s a gentle and very effective body scrub that helps with breakouts. Not so great for hair. Witch hazel alone is an excellent toner as well., try to find the ones with little to no alcohol content so you don’t dry your skin out.

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