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    I’m going on my first sugar baby M&G next week and I’m getting nervous. We are just grabbing coffee while he’s in town so I know we will be in public and I’ll be safe but I’m still so nervous. We’ve chatted/texted enough for me to believe he is who he is saying he is especially with specific details about where he’s from (we are both from Houston). I’m just scared 1. I will somehow mess up 2. I will wear the wrong thing 3. He won’t be who I thought 4. He’ll somehow kidnap me 5. I don’t know! I’m just so nervous! Any tips? I’m also only 19 and he’s 48. I don’t mind the age difference because I’ve always had weird obsessions over older men but I’ve never actually BEEN with one. I also don’t plan on having sex first thing but I don’t want him to think it’s off the table, I just prefer getting to know people better first.
    Any advice is welcomed.
    I am so nervous.

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