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    Zenya Rose
    Zenya Rose

    Filter your searches and find the Sugar Daddy who is specifically seeking you out for the Brown Sugar Babe that you are!

    Hit the Search tab, on the far left of the Seeking Arrangement homepage.

    Scroll through the options under the New Search tab.

    If you live in a big city; Miami, New York, Los Angeles, District of Colombia, you should be safe leaving your location as is.
    If you live in a smaller city, set the location tab on “Other Locations.”

    Scroll to the bottom of the New Search tab for “Profile Text.”

    Enter whatever kind of sugar babe you are, any tag that you can imagine to describe yourself.
    Here are some example tags;

    African- American Woman
    Black Woman
    Native- American Woman
    Indian Woman
    Mixed Woman
    Multiracial Woman
    Asian Woman
    Latina Woman
    Hispanic Woman
    Brown Sugar
    Exotic Woman

    Get creative with your tags, you will be amazed what you find.
    Hit Search and discover!

    Cons, unfortunately because the search is looking for all profiles using any variation of the tag you search,
    you will come across profiles that outright state they are not looking for “x type of woman”.
    Save yourself some time and scroll down to his “What I’m Looking For”, read this first.
    If he is a hater, let it roll off your back.
    If he is just the catch you are looking for, scroll up and read the rest of his profile.

    Once you’ve found your groove, you can play around with other settings within the search.
    You can filter out Premium Members, and only look at members who have undergone a background check.
    You can get specific and filter by Lifestyle Budget.

    I could kick myself for not having tried this sooner, give it a shot and tell us in the comments how it worked for you!


    @Zenya Rose good catch! The filters can be very helpful!


    I order to skip all of the reading, especially if they write paragraphs, hit ctrl+f and type in your tag. Saves a boatload of time :)


    Hmm good idea. Thanks


    So i tried it. wow. best advice Ive gotten so far. I got quite a few bites. Thanks again.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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