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    Hi! I am actually new being SB. I met someone on SA and then we got along. He did not ask for my banking information, instead he asked for my full name and email address. I gave my name and also my second email address. I was not expecting that he will send huge amount of money. On the email stating “my payroll won’t want to compromise the threshold limit of issuing a lesser amount in check…I will be trusting you with excess, and think how honest and trustworthy you can be. Have the check deposited and send the screenshot of the confirmation”

    I am still not depositing the money and the SD is asking me now. I am just afraid with what I have read on different forums about depositing the money with cheque and bouncing back.

    What should I do? HELP!! Any advice?


    It’s a scam. Don’t cash the cheque. Report and block this ‘SD’.

    The cheque is fraudulent. Issued by him using a stolen bank account. Once you pay it in and send the screenshot, he’ll know your bank account details. He’ll immediately ask you to return some of the money buying iTunes/Google Play giftcards and emailing the serial numbers. A few days later, the actual owner of the bank account will discover the fraud. The money will be withdrawn from your account and the cops will be on your doorstep.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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