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    Hi Sugar babies!

    I just wanted some advice and to see what your experiences have been on Seeking Arrangement, apologies if my questions have already been covered.

    I’m based in London, not the youngest SB, I’m 31. I’m not sure if this information is relevant but it might be, I’m originally Middle Eastern and look distinctly so and I guess I’m not overly on trend with fashion more classic, my go to for a date would be a Black dress and stilettos. I’m into kink too but have decided against writing this in my profile in detail. I have been on SA for a while but decided to actively look this time. Anyway, most of the men who have messaged me have no photo or seem to have fake profiles, and on the search the same profiles come up again and again, is this your experience too? Are there any other sites you’d recommend or any key words or phrases you’d recommend that I use?

    It’d be great to be able to get into contact with other SBs in London. Is there a Kik group? If so I’d love it if I could join!

    So a couple of weeks ago I’d been messaging a guy for a while, we exchanged numbers, spoke on the phone and decided to meet for a drink. Well when I met him he looked nothing like his photos, I’d say about 20 years older than his photos he was definitely a dab hand at photoshop. Anyway I thought I’d give him the benefit of the doubt and just at least see if I enjoy his company. After chatting for a while it was clear some of the things he said to me on the phone were lies and he’d forgotten what he said and all in all I didn’t feel comfortable and he was a bit creepy so I made my excuses politely and left. I then text him and thanked him for the drink so he didn’t think I was rude. I’ve been on many awkward dates but there was just something about him that didn’t feel right so I went with my intuition and gut instinct. Have you ladies ever been in a similar situation? How did you react?

    Do you have any advice for a newbie SB in my position? How many profiles/bad dates did it take for you to find your SD?

    Thanks so much in advance for any advice you may be able to give and sorry again if I’ve covered what has already been covered!


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