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    Hey girls,

    I just want to put word out there that this SD called Lark912 is NOT SAFE. First off, please bear in mind that he might change his username to something else so here is a general description: on his profile he states he is 36 years old, currently in Amsterdam living and working but he is an expat. I don’t know from where, though. He is very tall (circa 2m if I remember correctly), has long, curly brown hair and is not very attractive. He is a doctor and has a couple of pictures in scrubs.
    I had a brief conversation with him in the past but never met him due to the fact that a) he was not my type and b) I just had a gut feeling that he wasn’t all right. Fast forward a few months and he contacts me again (as of today) and asks me out. I politely decline the invite and he starts cussing me out hard. He immediately blocked me.

    To anyone with experience this is an enormous red flag – and I would hope for the newbies as well. Someone this abusive verbally over text is bound to be just the same, if not worse, in person! I just wanted to let everyone know so that we can all keep safe.
    I have already reported and blocked him, but I am not sure what the outcome will be.

    Stay safe, girls!



    Please report this user on the site so that an admin can remove his profile, thank you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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