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    I’m pretty new to sugar dating and it’s going well/I’ve found a really lovely SD but I realized my wardrobe needs a BIG update.
    I don’t want to go to Forever21 and the like to get everything… I’d rather have something that’s well made and going to last me. The thing is… I have NO idea where to start. Fashion and brands have never been my thing.

    Anyone have recommendations for what brands are really great in style and quality, but not going to absolutely break the bank?
    Do you shop online?
    What are the your top picks for foundational wardrobe pieces? What are the most versatile?


    @annanatalie Not sure what your budget or style is but express is good and they always have sales even try Marshall’s or tj max if you have one around those great place although you have to search but I can make something cheap look like a million Bucks. It’s all how you put it together. You can spend money one thing and piece it together with something less expensive there are also some great websites that don’t break the bank.


    I do shop online. Stores like Zara, Lulus, Nasty Gal, and misguided are brands that are really cheap, but good quality.
    As far as foundations go, always have an LBD, a simple one like a sheath cut. You can accessorize with anything to make it preppy, edgy, classy, etc.
    Have a couple pairs of jeans that are dark wash with no rips, they can be dressed up or down.
    plain colored tank tops and t-shirts. These are underrated, honestly. Pairing a white t-shirt tucked into dark wash jeans with some cute sandals are an easy go-to outfit for a casual date.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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