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    This is my first time sugaring, and I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve tried reading up various advice forums from sugar babies and I’m still nervous. I’ve been speaking to a POT for a week now, and he’s interested in an arrangement that would give me 2500$ on a supplementary credit card under my name. Since this is my first time, I feel like it’s way more money than I honestly expected. Is it?? And also, should I tell him that it’s my first time? Is that something I should disclose to him?
    Also, if I want the money in cash instead – as I feel like that gives me more freedom, as I wish to save a lot of my money for college tuition, can I tell him that? And how do I discuss when he should give me the money?
    I’m really confused but I also need to make this work if possible.
    If anyone can help me out that would be so great!


    Few things:

    #1: Is that a straight allowance per month?
    #2: How many dates does that $2500 equal a month?
    #3: Cash is always king. It allows more freedom for the SB. Never feel bad for asking for cash, credit cards can be really tricky in the Bowl. Especially for new SRs.
    #4: The money should always be gifted on the first “full” date.


    Hi Mishika, thanks for reaching out. This sounds weird for a couple reasons – first off you should never accept money from someone you don’t know. It should be seen as a red flag that he’s offering you this amount without meeting first – how does he know if he wants an arrangement with you? Second, credit cards are usually next level SB stuff, like someone would need a lot of personal information to put a card in your name and fishing.. or shall I say phishing.. for that is a major red flag for me. Please read these blogs for a bit more info on ways to receive money. You should reevaluate once you two meet, if that ever happens. If he’s a fraud, it conveniently won’t.

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