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    Hi babes,

    in two weeks I’m seeing my SD but this will be the first time that we’re meeting up at another part of the world (we found a beautiful 5* luxury (wellness) hotel in Germany which is were we’ll be going).

    I’m wondering, what should I bring cloth-wise? The environment there is beautiful so we might go for a walk which makes me believe I probably shouldn’t go with pumps, but on the other hand I also want to look top notch for the more classy situations like dinner and follow-up drinks in the lounge area, which will not be very charming on flats.

    Since it’ll only be for one night you can imagine I’d rather not bring a whole suitcase with 4 different outfits. What would you bring?

    Thanks! 😀


    You can definitely fit two pairs of shoes in a small carry-on. I would bring a pair of heels and a pair of cute boots for walking.

    Or you can just wear boots and jeans on the flight and pack your heels and a dress, plus an outfit for the next day. Have fun!

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