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    What is your most private Sugar story? I want all the juicy details! It’s anonymous, don’t worry 🙂


    Oh, gosh. One of my Sugar Daddies was 65 at the time but fit as a fiddle, former law enforcement. To be blunt, since this IS the confessions section, I’m not gonna hold back. I LOVE sex with guys. I love handing over control and the guy treating me in bed as if I were a human sex doll, albeit consensually. For romance and sweetness and female-style primal sex, I have my lesbian girlfriends. Yes, plural. I don’t like guys being sweet to me in bed. Somehow that always comes across as insincere and lame, to me.

    I’m a trans girl so I’m not for everyone, and I like to hold back so my Sugar Daddies don’t feel pressured. I start very slowly and if they wanna speed things up, great. So, this gentleman wanted to meet in a very public place in a specific elegant casino. Okay … I scouted the place out first, looked at the menus, chose a restaurant, looked at the various booths and tables, chose one with the most privacy and best ambiance, then asked the waitress the table number, and checked to see what hours they were open. I walked around and familiarized myself with what’s where. Yes, I do my homework. Proper planning prevents poor performance.

    At the specified time, I was way early and had already established a nice rapport with a friendly waitress when my Sugar Daddy showed up, on time. We chatted and he really seemed to enjoy the conversation. When it was time for dinner, he seemed perplexed as if caught off guard but I assured him I had a specific place in mind. He seemed relieved. At the restaurant, I asked for that specific table. Perfect. And of course, he didn’t wanna sit with his back to the door. I’d already chosen what to order so I wasn’t holding up the show. By then he’d decided I’m such good company that I’d be good company in his elegant bedroom too. The lust in my eyes probably didn’t hurt his decision-making process, either. Up the elevator we went to his room. it was around midnight.

    Some of my girlfriends were dancers, and I love the elegance of the female physique, so of course I end up in strip clubs … enjoying , learning, meeting new and pretty friends or lovers.

    At home, I practice sexy dancing. I’m good at it.

    Once inside the room, still wearing my 6″ heels, I struck sexy poses, and gave him a slow strip show, which he really seemed to enjoy. I’d worn a low-key but elegant evening gown but underneath that I had on an incredibly hot curve-hugging stripper dress and sexy underwear. The contrast was stark. He loved it.

    I was so aroused that I could no longer breathe normally. Soon we were in bed, and I learned what “stamina” means. Holy cow. It was the best sex I’ve ever had with a guy.. By 5 a.m. I was exhausted and literally hoarse from moaning before and while orgasming so many times I’d lost count. Wow, wow, wow. He was one fit 65-year old indeed. Granted, by then he was pretty tired too, and a day or so later, when we planned our next date (yes, of course he wanted to see me again) he confessed that he’d been tired all day long after that all-nighter. Still — impressive. As for me, of course it was a little awkward when people asked what had happened to my voice, the next day.

    One of my other Sugar Daddies just had his 60th birthday. To gentlemen that age, I tell them with a twinkle in my eyes that they’re still a little young for me but soon they’ll be in the sexual prime of their life. Interestingly, they take that as a compliment. And it’s certainly true based on that 65-year-old gentleman.

    Honestly, being a Sugar Baby is such fun for me as an experience that any financial considerations are like getting a free ice cream after already having won the lottery, that day. I enjoy great sex with a nice variety of high-quality guys without the drag of being in a formal relationship with a guy. I tried that once; never again. I’m perfectly happy being a slut, albeit VERY safety conscious and elegantly dressed … until the evening dress comes off, anyway. They say “dress in layers to be warm.” The way I dress in layers, it’s better than warm — it’s downright hot.

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