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    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this Forum.But i have been for quite a while now on SA.The concept is great and i like it.I am a foreigner,living in India. The men here have absolutely zero respect for a woman.They put a price tag on you and treat you like a piece of S**T.

    There is a SD who is helping me but he is not indian.Hence the arrangement is going well.But he is not a Millionaire.

    I dont have good Education or possibilities to work here anyway.I used to work as a Model back in Europe.Now i want to find 1-2 very cool Sugar Daddies, no matter how old of age. I want to get my life settled. Girls, i know this sounds lame,but i have seen that some get luxury apartments gifted etc.I am also doing some wealth magic besides to draw those things to me.

    But the biggest problem is, that i am living in India and i want to attract other Asian men,maybe Koreans or Americans. Who look better,have style and elegance and also can actually afford themselves a Sugar baby. I am not expecting them to get me an apartment or a car.But i want support to get me settled in another country, living a luxurious life there.

    The current sugar daddy doesnt want me to be on this website,meeting other men.So if i make another account with my real pics,he would see it and i would get in trouble..I really need some advice from you girls. How to attract the type of men i want in those countries? Maybe texting them myself ?

    I would also love to make new friends here on this Forum.

    sending love and hugs

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