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    I’m 18 and new to being a sugar baby. I’ve seen two people before and they went well but I was about to meet with a third guy when he started to virbally harass me over text. We were going to meet at Starbucks and he said he would get me an Uber so I agreed. After that he said he was going to pick me up in 10 minutes but I told him I asked for an Uber and don’t feel comfortable getting in the car with him. He then proceeded to call me a bunch of names such as: “you stupid f*ck”, “worthless c*nt”, and “dumb piece of sh*t.” I went to go report him on the Seeking Arrangement site but could not find his profile because he said his trial was up. He knows what school I go to because I gave him the address for the Uber but doesn’t know my name. Should I be worried for my safety? Should I contact police? Please help. Thank you



    I really wish you hadn’t given out your phone number too soon, but as long as the address wasn’t specific (only the school or large dorm building), you should be ok. His photos may well have been fake, but you might consider giving them to campus security. Beyond that, take it as a learning opportunity and vet more carefully next time.

    The key here is that he has no money and the “trial” was free messages. I am guessing he gave you his number and suggested going off SA chat immediately. Never do that. Make them stay on long enough to use up their free messages and be clear they have paid for at least one month’s subscription.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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