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    Hey ladies!
    So I’ve had sugar daddies in the past and it was the usual. Discreet meet once in awhile kind of thing. This new guy I’ve started seeing is very rich. Fat and 75 years old. He wants to see me 3 times a week. Sex included. Dates. Meeting his kids and friends. Business events and travel. Which is alot to ask for. Considering he usually wants to meet on weekends. So no time for friends. We’ve been together for a month and a half and I get about 2000 dollars a month. Which is not enough. I’m constantly out of my comfort zone and I feel I should be making more. He agreed to give me more and told me to name the price. How much would you ladies ask for if you were in my position? I really need the money. He wants perfection and hes honestly the most repulsive daddy I’ve ever had. Thank you



    Well I agree that he’s asking for quite a lot so 2000 is very low. Take into account how many hours your spending with him, sounds like a full time job. So I would ask for 5000 a month, more if you live in a big city that’s expensive to live in. That’s less than 500 a meet if your doing 3 meets a week so I think it’s a very reasonable ask. And more power to you cause I personally have to be attracted to my daddies or I just can’t take it. You need to stand your ground and maybe list your expenses and point out how much time your spending with him. Good luck!



    Hi there! I made an account just so i could chime in here. GIRL! You are spending waaaay too much time and effort on him for that little!
    Where do you live? are you in or near a big city? what do you mean by ‘rich’ — is he doing OK or a real fat cat? he’s 75 and unattractive and asking a lot from you. Multiple times a week. You need 6,000 minimum per month PLUS CC/debit and shopping trips. Think of other things in your life — are you in school? need tuition covered? bills? mortgage? you need to add these things up and tell him about the amount of time you spend with him could be spent making money to cover your needs, etc. Good luck. don’t get used. Message me if you wanna chat.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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