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    I initially didn’t think of becoming a sugar baby anytime soon, because I didn’t feel it was the life for me, you know?

    However, my university has had an issue where our financial aid has been cut, and i need around $1600 so I won’t get kicked out.

    I initially tried looking for a job, but due to my bad knees and lack of experience, no one will hire me.

    Any advice on how to make this much quickly?

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    The Bowl is not a great place for quick money. Even more so because there are sophisticated predators out there that will promise you the world to sleep with you and then skirt out of delivering on their end of the propose arrangement – and the damage from that can be just awful even if you get a few bucks. Generally speaking, when people are stressed, particularly about money, they are not thinking rationally or at optimal levels.

    Legitimate SDs will look at your story as a red flag. So many ‘SBs’ I have spoken with have sudden emergencies, such as car repairs, stranded on the side of the road, about to get evicted and more stories that flat out do not make sense. Perhaps some of these are true, but at least 9 out of 10 times, they are lies made up by immature girls trying to steal cash from unsuspecting men.

    A few positive notes. $1,500-$2,000 per month allowance is not out of the question for many SDs to provide. You also have an edge where he can potentially pay the funds right to the school, which for many SDs, makes the spend feel more genuine. I have given girls $X for Y before only to find out they never used the $X for Y. I get it – ‘bills’ happen – but that doesn’t establish trust. For me at least, it is very rewarding to directly help an SB by say, taking care of expenses directly. It is also a filter. If you say you need $1,600 and then balk at an offer to me to make a check payable to the school for $1,600 and say ‘just give me the cash’ that is also a red flag to me.

    Have you spoken with your financial aid office? Schools rarely want to kick someone out just because of a financial aid SNAFU. They are often willing to work with you. Are additional loans available? Have you spoken with your parents? Have you looked at different loan options? Maybe a work-study program at school? Maybe a payment option with the school? Do you have any marketable skills to freelanc? Also, look at what you can come up with now. You say $1,600 short, but do you have $500? $100? $50? Send that in and all of a sudden the gap is $1,500 vs. $1,600. Great SDs bring solutions to the table and are not ‘throw money at it’ type guys. SBs that are not receptive to practical solutions or ‘just give me money’ types are not great SBs.

    I know the above is not what you want to hear. Wish I could say – ‘oh so many SDs will just fix all your problems’ but it is not so. I do not think the Bowl is for you considering your short-term time frame and distressed state of affairs. When I read the above, provided I did pony up the $1,600 allowance to you, I am terrified that you will just disappear or suddenly become not interested in me or ‘too busy’ with school when our next date opportunity comes around. I would also be hesitant to take you on a first meet knowing your stress levels. I doubt you would be able to even relax at dinner because you will be waiting every minute for ‘the money talk’ and likely get pissed off or mad when you did not get compensated after the end of the first meet . Most SDs do not compensate for first dates nor do they expect sex or any form of deeper commitment rather than time to see if there is some potential chemistry to pursue an arrangement. Then I am the ‘bad guy.’


    As @balancedsd said, the Bowl is not really for quick cash. Too many issues.

    But if you are in the US and need that $ for school, talk to your financial aid office. Worse comes to worse, get a student loan.



    How do I connect with you @balancedsd? Not to be a creep, but I have read a few of your responses in the forums. I can tell a great deal about you through your writing style and grammatical correctness. I value myself as a cute nerd, so over educated men call to me. Get in touch if you’re curious… SA handle: KBaby27



    Bonsoir, j’ai aussi un problème avec l’arrangement financier. Je suis là depuis seulement deux jours,j’ai écrit à des sd pour faire connaissance. La plupart me parlent directement de sexe ,de ce qu’il veulent me faire quand on se verra. Il me dise des choses pas vraiment gentilles. Et quand arrive le moment de l’arrangement financier il te donne des proposition de sommes pas du tout arrangeant. Il yen a un qui m’a dit qu’il veut me rencontrer uniquement pour 30min de sexe pour 200€. Évidemment j’ai refusé. Un autre m’a proposé 150€ à chaque rencontre avec sexe et sans cadeau ni shopping. J’ai aussi refusé.un sd m’a demandé combien je veux par mois. Je lui ai dit que c’est à lui de décider et il c’est énervé. Après je lui ai dit 3000€ il m’a répondu que c’est trop peu et m’a bloqué. Comment faire pour avoir un généreux sd? Je suis désespérée. J’ai d’énormes difficultés financières mais je ne veux pas non plus qu’on se foute de moi



    bonsoir barbie.. si tu as lu le post d’en haut le bowl n’est pas l’endroit ideal pour se faire de la’argent rapide. Si tu as des difficultes financieres, je suggerais comme il l’est dis en haut de chercher d’autres solutions; comme par example un boulot, 2 si il le faut.. et une fois que tu seras plus ou moins stable la tu reviens.

    La raison derriere ce raisonnement est que ils savent quand tu as des problemes finanicers et vont en porfiter pour se foutre de toi..

    Une autre chose aussi je ne te conseille surtout pas d’ecouter ce que les autres filles disent.. Il y a d’autres qui diront le mien me donne tel montant, le mien fait ci, fais ca, ma chere ce n’est generalement pas vrai.. elles mentent pour se rendre plus importantes.

    le montant que tu prendra cher un sd dependra de tes besoins personels.. Si quelqu’un t’offre 500, 400. ou meme 200 euros et ca t’avantage, accepte.. ne dis pas ma copine a eu 2000 pourquoi moi jai 200.. nous somme tous different.

    Si je veux decortiquer un peut ton message du haut, ceux qui te disent des choses pas gentilles faut les eliminer rapidement.. ceus qui te parlent de sexe je dirai qu’ils sont les sd salers, ils veulent juste te faire perdre le temps. car un vrai sd qui se respecte ne le fais pas.

    30min de sexe pour 200 dis lui d’aller prendre une prostituee car tu n’en ai pas.. nous somme des sb pas des putes.

    ce nest pas tous les sd qui vont te donner de cadeau et te faire faire du shopping.

    De plus, Il nest surtout pas recommender de parler argent sans s’etre rencontrer.. un proceder normal est ou vous parler, apprener a vous connaitre, vous vous rencontrer soit a un dejeuner, dinner , mais dans un endroit public. Et c’est apres la rencontre que vous discuter arrangement.

    surtout ne dis pas un prix exhorbitant , dis un montant qui vas t’aider..

    patience patience patience et surtout n’oublies pas que meme si au debut le montant est bas, avec le temps, avoir vous etes bien connu, le montat va necessairement augmenter.

    bonne chance

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