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    Hi! My name is Isabel and I’m from Spain. I have 18 years old and finally I have decided search about the sugar daddy world. So I’m really new here and I don’t know much about dating sugar daddies. I would like someone to give me some advice and answer some questions.

    My questions are really simple, but I haven’t found it on internet; and I have though that in this forum it would be easier.

    So, my questions are, for example:

    Is it hard to be with a sugar daddy? or are they easy people?
    Is it secure to trust in Seeking Arrangement to be the intermediary?
    Are sugar daddies reliable people? Do they treat sugar baby well?
    Do you have ever been afraid of a sugar daddy?
    The first time you went to met a sugar daddy, was it how you imagined?
    Do you get the money people say, or is this an exaggeration?

    These are some questions, if you want to answer a few more that you think would be useful to me, you are welcome.
    And if you want to give me advices that can help me, I would be really grateful.

    Thank you all!! xx

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    Hey Isabel, Im Samantha and I have a whatsapp group with sugar babies in spain and we help each other with that kind of questions, you can join if you want, my email is [email protected] x

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