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    Hi. I’m a college junior and just joined because I need a little financial support while I finish college. A bit nervous bc I’ve never done anything of the sort. Not even gone on a Tinder date before. I would love any beginner tips or advice you all have. Especially as a small-ish Latina, how can I make sure to stay safe?




    Hi LatinaMNba!

    My name is Joy Harold and I am currently a student attending the University of Northern Colorado, and I am currently in an Anthropology class (which is a class that studies different cultures). I am currently doing a project for my class looking into different communities cultures, and I am studying the “Let’s Talk Sugar” community. I just saw your post and I was just wondering if you would be at all interested to talk about your experience as a sugar baby or part of the “let’s Talk Sugar” community. I completely understand if you are not interested:) If you are interested I would love to exchange emails.

    Thank you!
    Joy Harold



    Hi! As a fellow small Latina, I feel you. I’m also new, so I can’t really give advice on that. I can give advice on safety, though. If you ever feel weird about anything, that’s your gut, don’t do whatever it is that is making you feel weird. When talking to POT SDs, I do what I normally do when I’m dating online: in an indirect way, I bring up how I’m not comfortable talking about sex before even meeting the guy in person and if they’re decent, they’ll apologize and stop. The creeps will usually stop replying to you lol Always meet in public, always tell someone where you’re going and what time you should be back. Or set up a time that you will call your designated person, and if they don’t hear from you by then, something is wrong. I’ve shared my location with my sister for the duration of one date. Carry personal protection that you know how to use (pepper spray, taser, etc). Keep your cell phone at hand for obviously making an emergency call and in a pinch it can be used as a hard object to whack someone with lol



    Always trust your gut girl. If you feel like he’s risky or you might be uncomfortable with him then don’t. If he a creep, dub him. Better safe than sorry. I’m a lil asian bby so for safety I learned how to hold my keys right and I carry a small swiss knife thing (because I live in a state that stupidly doesn’t allow pepper spray, pocket knives, mace, etc even for self-defense). My mom and best friend have my location at all times and I set up the 911 power button thing that would send my location and call emergency services if I need it. On that note, if you’re travelling, even just a little outside your comfort zone, make sure someone you trust knows where you are.

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