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    I was just struck by it like “oh crap! This is what the ladies were talking about. It IS out here!”

    😂 you are the absolute best. If I were a sugar mommy I’d choose you too! I’d surpass your wishes on your spreadsheet & gift you another pair of sparkle you sneakers with some super cheesy note.

    I love hearing your misadventures. I shall take this internet bff friendship and cherish it!



    I am white, athletic, dark haired/eyed. I’ve gotten messages from POTs asking if I’d consider dyeing my hair because they like my profile, but I’m not blond/redhead/whatever. I say no, I’m not changing for anyone.
    I am an endorsed runner thru Brooks, and sponsored triathlete thru DrinkMaple and Snapple. I’ve had guys ask my measurements/weight before a M&G and they say I’m bigger than they thought I’d be since I say I’m athletic in my profile. Last I checked, athletic means strong, not scrawny. So I pass. If an SD wants a confident and fit woman, here I am. If he wants a waifer-y blonde, well I hope he finds what he’s looking for.
    With this being said, it’s a matter of attitude. I could internalize everything the rejection states and think that I should lose weight or dye my hair, wear more makeup, whatever. But I love who I am and that’s what I internalize and that’s what I put out to the world. I’ve had tons of M&Gs, lots of dates, and have/had 2 long term SDs. Be positive, have thick skin, and never let some guy you don’t even know affect your mood.



    I feel for the OP.
    While some SD love to flaunt their obvious Sugar activities. Many others value a certain discretion. For that reason “my” SBs have tended to be over 30 and of my same race. Being discreet is just ingrained in me. (and apparently ingrained in many others)

    Most SD are looking for mutual fun. Some are (against my advice lol) looking for love. The odds are long that they’ll find love with someone half their age. They may screen out people they think would present even longer odds of loving him. The odds are just a little better if the SB is his same race.

    This my onetime exception to the 1st paragraph: I’ll never forget my 1st Sugar date. She was very young, very beautiful, and of my same race. It was a very exciting event for me. Some who are even less adventuress than I, could’ve balked at the wildness of it all. Even more exciting was my first date with a Black SB. She was very young, very beautiful, and the first Black women I ever dated. Again, someone even less adventurous, may have found the very idea to be too exciting.

    Lastly: Blondes, brunettes, short, tall, Black, White, Asian. Some people want them all, some have a stronger desire for one or the other.

    What made me break my pattern (that one time) was the wonderful pics that the Black SB posted. She was dressed elegantly, her beauty was amazing. This was accompanied by charming text. So OP, maybe, if you have “it”…..a good pic can help.
    Good luck



    {{{{{{{ Another thing I think hurts some WOC is they come off having a princess mentality that as long as you’re cute men should just fawn over you and be happy that your even with them. SDs are looking for someone who can hold a conversation and take interest in them so if you are not showing that on your profile or you’re not able to do it in a message it will show. You won’t win all the time with messaging but at least it may help you get closer to having a SR.}}}}}}}

    THIS !!

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