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    If you’re interested in being an online only sugar daddy or mommy, please message me on @timelytoxicity , @toxicxsx (both instagram) or email me at [email protected] !!!! ~a desperate FtM trans sugar baby


    1. How the hell would posting on a forum get you an SD or SM?
    2. ONLINE ARRANGEMENTS DON’T EXIST. If you took the time to read this site you would have found that out love.
    3. Don’t tell people you are desperate. There’s no place for desperation in the bowl. You will get taken advantage of. And now that you put all your information on a public forum you are setting yourself up to get scammed.
    4. If you are actually serious about getting a SD or SM, then sign up on SeekingArrangement. Just know that everyone wants to meet up in person and trying to have an online arrangement is against the rules.

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