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    I think you need to sack the fiance. I know you’re probably in love, but five years from now that live will be gone and you’ll be a broke mess. Criminal past does not go away. It doesn’t get better. I’m a firm believer that your life partner needs to be your equal, not someone who drags you down financially. I know I’ll probably get trashed for my opinion, but take it from someone who has lived and learned. Love goes away. Do not support a man.


    Hey @norcalgrl21

    I’m also disabled, presenting as able-bodied. I tutor from home as a method of income. You may be able to do some online tutoring if location is an issue – depends what your strong points are. Crafting and selling on etsy for weddings, hiring yourself out to list peoples items of Ebay for them, sorting accounts, proof reading…Although, on second thoughts, perhaps not the last one.

    I also happen to be married – and happily so. My husband is fully aware of each and every SD, POT and girlfriend. Open and honest is the only viable way to navigate something like this. For gods sake, talk to him about it before you enter the bowl, not when you have found a SD. And on that note, be open with your POTs that you are engaged. Those that have a problem with it won’t be happy if they find out later on.

    I joined SA in April. I have only this week solidified arrangements that are going to work for me – after months of hunting, meeting and greeting, being ghosted, having POTS tell me I am defective, being sent unsolicited dick pics and fending off scams. I now have three arrangements, one of which is platonic. They exist but very rare – and he was originally looking for intimacy, but decided to go with another girl. We just got on so well that it organically continued.

    Hope this helps put things into perspective for you. Best of luck if you decide to enter the bowl,




    So y’all really out here using your heaux money to support grown ass men?

    A man can find work if he really wants to do something. He can get a bucket, soap and towels and wash cars all day. Cut grass. Sell water. Turn some tricks. Do something! You’re working three jobs and he can’t offer to do anything other than sell his sh*tty art? You guys go days without eating? Now you are talking about being a SB to support this lazy bum. You can’t be serious. You have to know you deserve better than this.



    I’m trying to figure out who’s being pimped here! I mean as a man how do you look in the mirror knowing some other man is taking care of your woman. The OP stated repeatedly that his relationship is 👍🏽 and he needs to keep saying it until he believes it himself because we’re not in the market for his BS.


    @TeslaBaby – What makes you think we aren’t both contributing to our lifestyle? As two 25 year olds working our way up the ladder, with tuition fees, mortgage and medical costs just having one job isn’t enough. We both work, hard, to support each other. Sugaring allows me to get out and experience things that I simple don’t have the disposable income for, and at the same time I can lighten the load for my degree fees.

    @mis ‘some other man taking care of your woman’ – gosh, that is terribly old fashioned! We’re in 2018 not 1950s. Not everything has to be black and white. One man doesn’t have to provide everything in order to have a fulfilling relationship. Life is more nuanced than that.

    It seems like OP and his wife have managed to find something that works for them – I think that is something to celebrate!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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