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    This will be my first SD and he’s married with a wife who lives in another state. he says he doesn’t know how to hide my allowance from his spouse who he has a joint account with? any advice because i have no idea.


    Sounds like something he should have thought of before he got started. I would tell him to see if he can figure that out, and to contact you if he does.

    There are a million ways to do this, but none are perfect if your spouse has joint account access and is watching your account closely. Sell some stocks, get that as cash and use it to fund 6-12 months of allowance. Buy a new car, and sell the old one instead of trading it in and use the cash. Cash a tax return instead of using it for cash.

    But nothing is perfect. At the end fo the day if he cant get the money together for whatever reason, he can’t afford to be a SD.


    In addition to DavisSD advice he can also use shopping as way to get cash.
    Grocery store, buy some items and get max cash back. On the account it will just look he spent some money buying grocery’s.

    Home Depot buy tools, plants stuff for remodeling, get max cash back.

    Walmart same thing or buy gift cards. He needs to plan ahead and know what he needs weekly to cover everything.


    Speaking of which, here’s a crazy story about joint accounts…

    I had an SD who was in money management. I thought he was cognizant about being careful and discreet.

    Lo and behold, he calls the day after our first play date and tells me that his wife saw the hotel charge on his account. He had apparently forgotten that they both use an app on their phones that combines all their credit card accounts and notifies BOTH of them to all charges. Oops!

    I felt really bad for him, but that was just so careless.



    Or he just wanted to hit and run



    I can’t believe there are countries that still allow joints accounts/ joint credit etc…
    It’s not wonder that there is another financial crisis lumming 🤔
    In my opinion anyone who is money management and doesn’t know how to manage their own funds is an idiot. Good luck with that and the piling debt.
    If an SD said to me that they weren’t sure how to hide the money from their wife my first question to myself would be: “Is this really worth it because at some point there will be a financial snag?”



    “I can’t believe there are countries that still allow joints accounts/ joint credit etc…”

    – !!!! I would never have married without a JOINT account and both monies going in there!!
    – I know everyone is different and I know many marriages who all have very different set ups. For me and for many others, no joint account no marriage.
    I would not even entertain a stable relationship until a joint account was in place.
    You can then have X amount coming from there to go into your own accounts to do with as you please. If you cannot trust the person your with, with your money, your health etc, why would you be with them.

    As with my social background, even though money went into a joint account I mainly dealt with it, bills etc

    Joint credit – a mortgage, YES my name IS on there even though I had no income…

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