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    Hello SBs and SDs! Im quite new to the sugarbowl and I live in an asia country where theres barely any SDs at all. As I turn on ‘other locations’ the number of results I get more than quadrupled just counting from a singular western country alone. So naturally the only way I could reach out to them is through online means. Like texting throughout the day and some occasional face-cams with an SD. I’m ok with being a bit sexual.

    My question is: have you guys ever been in an online arrangement before?

    To SDs, was it as enjoyable for you? How much do you usually pay them and how? Is 1.5k to 2k range per month too much or too little?

    To SBs, if youve done it before, what’s your experience? How much do you charge?

    Lastly, please feel free to help improve my profile, thanks in advance!!


    Honestly most online SRs are a scam. Either by the SD or the SB. So they are rare, and don’t tend to last. Most SDs avoid them in the West. That said, I don’t know a lot about SE Asia and Sugaring if I am being honest. From what I have heard/experienced with Sugar in China the rules are much different in Asia vs the West. So take everything I offer with a grain of salt.

    I have never, and will never, have a Virtual (online) SB. There is nothing that V-SB can offer me that I can not receive from an in person SB, the irl SB offers more over all as well.

    Are you talking about $1200 USD per month? Again, in the US that amount can normally get an in person SB. I would say it is a good bit too high. However, if that’s your limit stick to it. It will be hard to get, but don’t take anything below what you wish.

    About your profile:

    Your pictures are great. You might want to change your “body type” however. At least here in the States “curvy” now means “few extra pounds”. But if it’s working for you keep it.

    looking for someone with not much of an age gap between us What is that line for you? I would read that as meaning nobody more than 10 years older. That will massively limit your search. It takes a while for SDs to acquire the careers needed to have SBs. Anyone younger than 40-ish should be thought of as questionable. There are younger ones out there, but they tend to have FWB already without gifting.

    There are 10-14 SBs for each SD. And from the SDs I talk with, I would say 1 out of 200 are looking for platonic. (Most likely that number is closer to 1 out of 500) This means that if you are going for a platonic SR you are competing with 2000-2800 other SBs. That is a large challenge. And platonic SRs have a lower turn over rate. (As most SBs who are in one do everything they can to stay in one, being as rare as they are) This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look, but go in with your eyes open.

    As a side note. I am a rather well off man. If I just wished for a platonic SB to take to an art showing or the theater I can find that very easy. Without gifting. There are a lot of younger women who would gladly do such things with a platonic friend.

    Your profile is missing the biggest point:
    WHY. Why should I pick you? What do you bring to the table that will make my life better? These are the things that a SB should convey in her profile. Unlike traditional dating, you (as a SB) are are the hunter. Making the first move is good. Also, try to sell the SDs on why you are better than the next SB. Your profile is fine for match.com/PoF. But in this game, you are the chaser. There are 10-14 SBs for each SD. So we need to know why/how you will make our time together enjoyable.

    End of the day, you are shooting for the moon here. Young, $1.2k, online only or platonic. Good luck. Don’t do anything that you don’t wish to, but you need to be ready for a LONG search. Even if you change one or two of those criteria.

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    I’ll ditto what Ambrose said. Most online deals are a scam and highly likely your pictures/videos will end up on a porn site.

    Also, I can say with some authority that the Sugar Bowl as we know it for all intent and purposes does not exist in Asia. Only the real high end executive travelers understand what sugar babies are about. Most of the men in Asia use and think the girls on SA are escorts.

    Good luck

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