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    Hello Everyone!

    I had a profile before but deleted it due to the massive scammers and salt daddies on SA. I made another profile and would like for you guys to read my about me and What I am looking for and give me constructive criticism. (This time I understand that bluntness is tough love) I normally am really good when it comes to public profiles but I can’t seem to write the perfect one for this platform. My username is Busybee99, I am 19 from SC.




    I can’t see it, but if you want to copy and paste it here I can give you my opinion/advice, if you’d like.



    @aneedleinthishaystak` Thanks here you go!

    About me:
    I am a weight loss consultant at a company that many of you may know. When I am not on the clock, I am usually home in bed indulging in schoolwork. This is my second year of college, I am currently studying business administration and will go back to get a degree in African American Studies. I plan on opening my own cosmetic store where I will sell, and also do makeup. I would also love to become a motivational speaker. People gravitate to me when it comes to needing a pep talk or a few words of encouragement, So if you ever feel discouraged, I will be the first person to cheer you up.

    Besides school and work, I love to meditate, go out to dinner or lunch, going to the waterfront in Beaufort, and just spending time with my friends. I am a “go with the flow” type of person; I am willing to try anything new. With me, you will have a life filled with peace, happiness and lots of fun and oh yea, plenty of Taco Tuesday’s!

    What I am seeking:
    Looking for something mutually beneficial, I want to meet someone who is interested in a long-term arrangement that could become more. Someone with a flexible schedule would be great. I am willing to travel to you if needed.


    Well, it reads a bit like a cover letter and there’s nothing flirty or sexy in any of it (eek! I’m sorry if I’m being too blunt).

    First things first: Definitely take out that you are willing to travel to them. You are not. I’m going to make that decision for you. It’s not safe and it’s not something to write in your profile, unless you mean that you are willing to travel within your city to meet them in a public place and if that’s what you mean then you don’t need to include that sentence at all either. Please don’t travel to anyone you haven’t met at least a few times in public places that you are familiar with, preferably during the day, and only travel to someone if and when you feel very safe, and have an exit strategy should something go wrong. – Even then, just stay in your city. It’s just safer.

    Okay, now that we have that out of the way:

    1. Most men don’t care what you do, so you can delete that and tell them about it on a first meet, if you want.
    2. Delete the whole first paragraph. There’s just too much going on in it. I would use the stuff in it, paired wayyy down, to talk about your goals (i.e. how your SD can support you) in your last paragraph, where you can write briefly about your goals in life – but there are too many in your first paragraph. Maybe just say you’re taking business admin. and hope to start a small business after grad. or something like that.
    3. Your second paragraph is good. List more things you enjoy doing geared toward the kind of man you want to meet. Live sporting events, theatre, comedy – you know, stuff you can both do on dates together and or talk about. Everyone like’s spending time with their friends, you don’t need to write that. I like the meditation, it’s probably not on everyone’s list, so it’s good because it’s unique.
    4. What you’re looking for is great but delete the flexible schedule. It’s more your end of the deal that needs to be flexible. Men aren’t likely to have a flexible sched. on this site, that’s why they’re here.
    5. Delete the travel to you. Please. I’m sure that’s part of why you have scammers and salt.

    Hope this is helpful. Best of luck, and safety first!!



    @aneedleinthishaystak` Thank you so much this was really helpful!


    Also, to help you weed out the scammers and salt, don’t reply or respond to any message that looks like it has been copied and pasted into your mailbox, or anyone who tries to get you to communicate with them off of the site right away, or until you’re ready. And do respond to respectful gentlemen that ask you if you’d like to meet them somewhere you feel comfortable, after you’ve had a bit of respectful back and forth dialogue.

    Whoever you agree to go out with should be making your comfort and safety priority number one.

    For example, when a man asks you to meet him he should say something like: Would you like to go for coffee, a drink, or dinner? Is there a place you would like to suggest that’s convenient for you? – See how your comfort and safety is more important than his convenience? This is a good sign. Not a guarantee, but a good sign. Don’t settle for less.



    Thanks, I reported some accounts but I guess they just go and make more

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