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    I never met this guy in person nor spoke to him on phone , only text. We agreed to an allowance of $300 weekly. He says he only send money through quickbook. I set up an account and he then tells me to send an invoice to him for $2,000 that’s how he’s able to pay me. He gave me a name and email address. At the beginning this guy told me his name was john but the info he provided for the invoice had a different name. I didn’t create an invoice. Do you think this was a scam?




    Are you for real ?????? Are you really…I mean, reeeeaallly asking ?

    Sorry, I lost my cool, but if felt GRRRRRREAT !



    lol. and he deleted his profile.



    Sounds like we met the same guy sis!! I just got done speaking with this guy I met him yesterday and he told me to verify my email and inside of this invoice email I had to give him my email, the username and password to my bank account when everyone knows YOU CAN USE CASHAPP OR PAYPAL!! These guys are a mess, not to mention he deleted his account today as well.


    Why are you wasting one breath on these scammers. Scammers are so obvious on both sides of the fence.
    The second any kind of message about bank info or credit cards, google cards, stop the conversation, report them and block them.
    There is no reason to think its real no matter what your situation is, many have moved over to SA so keep reporting them.

    Just keep in mind that a legit SD will NOT do the following:
    -ask for any kind of banking information BEFORE MEETING or probably ever
    -offer to pay off any credit credit cards, bills, loans BEFORE MEETING
    -offer to transfer a large amount of money then wire some back
    – have an account manager
    -be out of the country and want to send you money BEFORE MEETING
    -ask you to buy any kind of credit card
    -ask you to open a new account at a bank

    What a legit SD will do:
    – meet you for coffee or drinks
    – let you know he wants to see you again
    – 2nd meeting proffer and arrangement and gift you with cash or gifts

    why do they do this?
    Because desparate girls fall for this everyday. I know because they DM me on IG asking what they can do.
    This is saddening and maddening that common sense has left the room.

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    I feel like we should stop wasting our time answering these questions. If they are dumb enough to fall for these scams then it is on them. I don’t feel sorry for anyone who falls for this crap. These are adults. They should know better. Most of them will not be in the Bowl long anyway.

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    Seattle Slew
    Seattle Slew


    If you were a SugarMama, would you give that kind of money to a to a sugar boy (or whatever the right name) is? If your family doesn’t give you free money, what makes you think a stranger would do that without meeting you?

    Stop falling for these scams. These kind of things simply don’t exist.

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