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    Nuela Orchid
    Nuela Orchid

    Ok so I am new to this, just looking for some advice. What are red flags to you when you start messaging a SD? I have started messaging a few but I am very wary. I’ve been offered to fly to different places to meet, is this normal?



    Flying out to other countries right from the start is usually a red flag.
    Though some can be legit, tread lightly in that area.
    My thoughts on this are, if they have the money to fly you to them. Then they should easily
    Be able to fly to you for a get to know you meet.

    Offering large amounts of money or talking about how rich they are, Red flag.

    Talking lots of sex before meeting

    Wanting to have first Meet and Greet at his house or hotel room Major red flag.

    First M&G should be over coffe or in your case High Tea or a drink. Something short just to make sure they say who they are and see if there is chemistry.

    Hope this helps you

    P.S. Crete is not a country. 😉


    @southernsd really nailed it here. The only one I’d add is if a POT SD brags about his previous SBs. How hot/sexy/sexual they were, or how much he gave them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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