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    I’ve had a seeking profile for about a year, and I haven’t had much luck. I’ve looked at websites, videos, etc. for tips on optimizing my profile, but I’m not sure how much that helped. I was wondering if anyone on here could look at my profile and give me feedback. MistyArctic, 23, Philadelphia

    Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


    @mistyarctic. You have covered the bases on your pictures. Very clear of who you are and body type.

    Your narrative is backwards because this whole thing is backwards. Your about me section is not really about you but what you bring to the table for the SD.

    Your “what I’m looking for” section is about you. Needs to be short and to the point of the type of SD you are looking for.

    Keep in mind you are playing to a niche market, so work on that and play to that.

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    I’m not sure how to find your profile but if you copy and paste it here I could give suggestions, if you’d like.


    Hey, I’ve also been on SA for about a yr maybe more and haven’t had luck either. Would you mind taking a look at my profile? Thanks in advance

    About me:

    I’m an intelligent, beautiful, career woman (RN) who knows exactly what she wants in life and gets it. While I may come off strong and driven, I can be quite acquiescent at times and I fancy the charm of a chivalrous gentleman.

    In my free time you can find me at home cooking and enjoying a nice glass of wine, catching a broadway show, or even catching a football game at MetLife Stadium. It’s the simple things that make me the happiest.
    ….. ok ok, the finer things make me smile too 😉

    Looking for:

    I’m not actively looking for love and am definitely not looking for a one-night risqué type of arrangement. If that’s what you’re seeking, unfortunately, I’m not your girl.

    My goal here is to find a companion/mentor who is respectful, generous, willing to share his insight, and straightforward (Knows what he wants and what he’s looking for!). I want for us to be able to enjoy each other’s company and conversation once or twice a week. Whether it be long term or short, I want us to both be able to walk away respectfully and non-regrettably.
    *Please do not waste my time or yours. If you see what you like, send me a message :-)*


    Hi hi,

    Your profile is well written but very fluffy. There isn’t a lot in it that a man can say, “We have a lot in common. I could take here to that. Maybe I’ll ask her about that. or That’s cool!” I would delete the first paragraph because it really doesn’t give any objective information about you, it’s all subjective and I tend to advise people to stay away from describing yourself subjectively on a profile. The second paragraph starts off with some good info but then becomes cliche. Definitely avoid the “simple things” and the “finer things”. I would bet my life that it’s on almost everyone’s profile and obviously you are on this site for the finer things so you don’t need to say it.

    Start with facts and things you enjoy doing. Make sure you have interesting interests/activities that may set you apart from others. Throw in some personality while you’re listing what you enjoy. Also, list more activities that you enjoy. This way your reader can decide whether you have things in common and shared interests so you can do those things on your dates together! You need to write about things that your reader can grab onto to start a conversation with or ask you out on a date to somewhere you will enjoy going.

    In your “looking for” delete writing about anything you don’t want. Only write about what you do want. Delete the first paragraph and then shorten the second one. Take out the brackets, and then for sure take out the walking away part! (You’re at the end of the relationship before it’s even started!! lol) and then take out the last sentence. No one wants their time wasted, that’s a given.

    Basic, short, upbeat, and sweet -with a little personality- will go a long way.

    I hope this is helpful. Feel free to paste your revised profile here. I hope I haven’t offended you in any way. My intention was to be helpful and get you some great dates!!!! : )

    Best of Luck!! 🙂


    @aneedleinthehaystack, very good overview for a profile review! The only thing I would add to it is that @nurseynurse2 does not tell me why I should pick her. There is little/no information about why spending time with her will be special.

    @nurseynurse2, your best strategy for profile reviews is to start your own unique thread asking for the review.


    Thanks @sfwinefan : )


    Thanks so much everyone! Will tweak and repost 🙂

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