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    Hi lovely sugar babies out there
    New sugar babe here and need some advice .I’ve meet this lovely guy on SD website and went out on a date in a posh area from London.He’s 48 ,single and a doctor ..i’m 30 .Date went great , he imediatly asked for a second date next week but no talk about allowance .He did asked me what I am looking for but he mentioned that he finds repulsive to pay before the date , or after the date ..did not say anyting bad about helping with expences or allowance.I mentioned him a past relationship with a sugar daddie and told him I was getting financial help from him
    All in all ladies …he asked for a second date but not a word about the allowance.What do I do next ?
    Thank you for your help


    How did you bring up the ‘money’ with your past SD?
    If he’s serious about being a SD, he should be able to bring it up before u do.



    Hi girls!
    How did you get on about the allowance? and hope its all going well

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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