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    I am 19 and I am new to all of this. I am here because of my financial struggles as most women here I suppose. I imagined finding an arrangement of a good guy who I could spend an awsome time with but it seems like most guys here expect sex, which I do not want to have. It makes me feel like a prostitute to get paid for sex instead of my time. Do I need to have sex with the guys in order to be a sugar baby?



    No, you don’t need to have sex in order to be a sugar baby. But you’ll have a hard time finding someone that wants to offer you an allowance just to talk and hang out together. I’m guessing somewhere less than 1% of the SDs here are looking for a platonic arrangement, and once a SB finds that unicorn, they hang onto him.

    What you should be searching for here is ‘a good guy who you can spend an awesome time with’. A genuine relationship with someone that’s generous with their money because they can’t be generous with their time. Intimacy is just a part of most genuine adult relationships.



    @lunardoll, I want to echo @Inamorato‘s advice and provide a bit more perspective.

    Most POT SD’s would have little challenge finding a lovely, articulate, and interested female companion for dinners, art exhibits, wine tasting and more. The sugar relationship provides a way to get to intimacy where neither party feels like they are taking advantage of the other or being taken advantage of. You will have a very hard time finding that unicorn, but also do not feel you every need to do something you are uncomfortable doing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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