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    So, should I become a blogger ? Probably not, but I do enjoy sharing my little experience. It brings other members to reveal themselves in the process, which is quite neat !

    SA and its forum are making this whole experience really interesting. When I first decided to join a SD website, I had one plan only : subscribing to the highest ranked SD website as per Alexa ranking site (sweet tool). Other than that, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Now? Let’s say that I’m still working on the foundation! I’ve had the honor of reading great stories and point of views, which were very inspiring.

    Having a full time daily job, so the means financially, I decided to invest in my search for an SD. Became a Premium member to get access to every options, bought boosters, since it’s a bad ratio for females here (obviously), bought a burner phone number for safety measures and struggled a lot before putting my face online… until I realized I’m practically a nobody.

    Then I changed my profile over and over again until my feelings were conveyed. Thought it would be simple, hell, I know who I am… wow, hello reality check! Started with “blabla nice, blabla smart blabla”. Reading my own profile was such a torture of boredom, it reminded me of a “Serie B” zombie movie. I’m still not content though, but getting there. I need pictures bad !!!!

    Every active and savvy members of this forum pointed out time and time again “Get that ass moving you lazy bastard!” maybe not with those words though…

    So, today’s advice : do some serious reading of the threads on this forum ! There’s some GREAT tips from both SD and SB who graciously took time to share! Basically, if you’re in the game now, it’s to get all the information possible and find out for yourself if it’s worth it or not.

    Over and out !



    Why cant you be a blogger?

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