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    I didn’t want it to get to this point but I feel like I have to. There’s a man who has/had an account on here under the user “nyace”. His name is Alan. I was seeing him since April, and we agreed on an allowance that HE offered. From April to July I never got it so I called it off. We decided to try again and he agreed to the suggested allowance. I mention and ask why I haven’t gotten it because I needed the money before xmas and he flipped out and accused me of doing things that weren’t true and pretty much coming up with every excuse to not give it. He lied saying he’s bought me gifts when he never had and would use me for sex and make me perform sexual acts on him that I did not want to and voiced being against. he screwed me out of xmas and college tuition so now I have nothing. He’s now ignoring my texts and calls, even though I agreed that i will leave him alone if he gives the money. My last resort is just getting authorities involved but I think you all should know about him and stay away!! He’s very manipulative. I have the proof if anyone wants it.
    Edit: his dick is small too so he’s really not worth it

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    Classic example of why it’s important for the SB to get the allowance the same time you head to the bedroom.
    Money on the table, panties on the floor.

    As far as doing something your not comfortable with, that should never happen. You set boundaries, he respects them, otherwise it’s a no go.

    As far as getting the authorities involved, that’s going to go nowhere fast unless you had a written contract there is nothing enforceable between you two.

    Take your losses and move on. Chalk it up to a life experience.

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