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    Hello there, my little sisters. I am struggling with many odds now..being new one, from a small country with not so many SD, and being an older SB😕 Could use some love and support 😊😙
    Strangely enough, I already have two POT, much younger and really good looking😀 Don’t know what will become of it, but we’ll see.
    But, what confuses me most, one of them is submissive😕😂 I don’t mind it, even if I’m new to that all. We talked and it goes naturally for me.He verified himself and want to fly in october to see me…promised really nice things. But my concern is, he calls me every evening and want to sext. If I say no, it’s no, and he apologise and promise he will obey. What concerns me most, is he fake? As I read here never sext before meeting, cause it’s not good and that’s scam. But, my instincts somehow told me that’s not the case. We live in different countries, and it’s really special …him being submissive…I don’t know what to do. Just give him some little here and there to keep him interested, or ban any sexual talk before meeting?
    Sorry for such long post. Any advice welcomed. Love,xxx



    Well it could be scam.

    But if it isn’t, he might be a “brat” or a sub who is deliberately disobedient in order to get punished or get the other person to dominate them. Even if he is a brat, he shouldn’t try to push you into domming him before a first meet and an extensive conversation about hard limits, expectations, physical health, and prior experience.

    I understand the thought to “give him some” to keep him interested but you don’t know if he is trying to use you as a free “sex hotline”. You may never meet this guy in person.

    People who are interested in BDSM aren’t uncommon. However, in my personal experience, people’s expectations sometimes aren’t rooted in reality. People can get physically, mentally, and emotionally hurt from practicing BDSM incorrectly or without much knowledge. (For example: Tying someone up with rope can result in permanent nerve damage if not done with proper knowledge) Having a sub SD might seem like a jackpot (you get to call the shots and be served) but it can actually require more work, effort and responsibility. I’d suggest doing some research to see if it is something you would enjoy and can safely provide.



    There’s a lot you’d need to find out on what his intentions, willingness , and limits. I’ve had at least 2 arrangements with sub SDs online and in person. It just have to be mutual and as stated he could also be a guy who will just deliberately push your buttons. I always received a gift before ever wasting my energy. I won’t even text or call outside of the site until my requirements are met. Especially dealing with those who claim that role.
    All talk ≠ time waster.

    Can say for sure that I benefited from taking interest in my dominant side. There’s no way I’ll ever be a slave or submissive but there’s SDs who are okay with my role if it’s focused on particular fetishes within our arrangement.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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