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    Hey Love Bugs,
    So I wanted to share my tips on snagging a daddy. I’ve had the pleasure of having 3 daddies at separate times during my year on the site. It’s key to understand that we may not be everyone’s cup of tea, however confidence is the sexiest thing any woman can wear.

    Your headline, it sounds cliché but may it cute and attention grabbing. For intense mine says ” don’t drop by without saying hi 😉 lol”. It pretty much lets whomever reading your profile know that your open even if it’s just a quick hello.

    Your profile, know what you want but be classy about it. There are girls and guys on the site who are a bit outlandish you don’t have to be! My profile is very forward about who I am and what I want.

    If they view your profile, make sure you go check theirs out too. Sometimes people aren’t sure if they are what you like so you have to show interest as well. Pay attention to their profiles make sure you are a fit for them as well as them for you, if there is something you aren’t comfortable with that’s ok to move on to the next.

    Messaging keep it engaging ask questions about them things they like and take it from there. I’m a huge basketball fan so I always ask about his favorite team and then give my perspective. I’ve noticed that most of my girls appreciate that.

    Believe it or not there are a lot of guys who want a brown sugar they just don’t know how to approach it. It’s ok to be a little forward and reach out to them maybe mention something about their profile you liked.If they viewed your profile there was a interest!

    Hope this helps some ladies



    First of all this site is amazing! I was like I feel so alone in these sugar baby streets. I just joined SeekingArrangment last Friday, and it’s now Wednesday and I have a SD (had a few offers) and already receiving allowances. Like it happened so fast my head is still spinning, and I’m trying to make sure I know all the tips and things. But when it comes to my profile I made sure that I left my cleavage showing to a minimum aka not at all, except this one workout picture. I was also premium I don’t know if that had anything to do with it. I live in the south which I was very shocked to receive so many messages so fast. Even more surprised because I have natural hair. I don’t know maybe I just got lucky.



    I am in the Tampa area. I’ve been on the site for over two months, had 5 pleasant meetings. I’m a brown SB, well spoken, no kids and attractive. I’m NOT looking for a platonic arrangement; my buget is set as (practical). Have any other brown SB noticed that the caucasian SD are looking for free time and sex from the brown SB? Please share your thoughts and experiences with me.



    I am also a new sugar baby, but I do have a few tips for the people, this isn’t only for my brown sugar babies.
    1) Do not look at your self as less because of your color or size.
    2) Any SD/SM can spot desperation from a mile away, so if your about to lose your car, house, no food. Get a real job
    3) Bring something to the table instead of your assets. There are a SD/SM that want the girl to be available all the time, but that is very rare.
    4) Research Research Research as soon I receive an initial contact I take is pic and do a google reverse image search or I use Tineye. when I get the phone number I go right to Facebook to see if they have an account. If they do have an account DO NOT ADD THEM or Create an account to Add them. Lets say you happened to find a local SD/SM and you get their first and last name from social media, utilize it. I first go to the property tax website to see where they live and their cars, arrest search, sex offender registry.
    5) Do not be too picky. If you manage to get a sexy potential and that’s great. But majority of the men may not have the best looks or may be a little older.
    6) This does not happen overnight, it can take months to fine a SD/SM, and that is okay. like they say quality of quantity.
    7) Leave your baggage at the door. If you have any mental issue. Do not become a SB, if you have a crazy ex that harasses you, fix it.
    9) Listen to him. There are potentials that have unique needs and you have to respect that. If you don’t want to, let them know and move on.
    10) HAVE FUN!!! At the end of the day you have to sale yourself to them, don’t sit around and wait for them to write you. This is not POF you have to market yourself.

    OH YEA, pictures, make sure your pictures are full body and professional. keep the hair in check, and your not a porn star or escort so keep it classy.



    I absolutely appreciate and love all the support in this group. I recently, like today, signed up for SA. I am so curious to this type of dating, given my past let downs. I hope to be able to come back and share some great success stories.

    Happy Hunting!!


    Don’t give up! It will happen. I’ve been on the site for about a month. I joined 2 different sites at the same time. I researched this lifestyle to ensure success. I read blogs & everything on the internet, I read many books 3 that were useful: sugar daddy 101 by Leidra Lawson (brown sugar), the sugar baby lifestyle by Jessica Morris and sugar dating strategies by felicity fox.
    I’m currently in a long term arrangement with a white SD $1500 a month allowance, his credit card on file with my hairdresser and gifts. This is the arrangement I wanted and I used all the advice from my research to ensure my success. I joined the site the 1st week of August and met my current SD the 3rd week of August.
    Your profile has to be engaging and appeal to a mans ego. You have to sound fun, intelligent and sophisticated all at the same time. You can’t say anything negative or that can be perceived negatively. You have to have a life outside of the sugar bowl. One SD told me that he doesn’t mind helping a SB out but if this is her whole life it’s a turn off.
    Your pictures have to be perfect. I also searched SDs, favorite their profiles then I wait to see if they respond. I send messages to the SDs that looked at my profile as well. You have to have the gift of gab. Make sure your conversation is on point. Take notice of anything in their profile they may be proud of and ask about it.
    You have to sound like a lot of fun and the life of the party. Get comfortable with your femininity. Basically we have to standout above the rest to be noticed. I’m from California living in the south so if I can find an SD in the south I’m sure anyone can.


    For me what has worked was having good private photos but not vulgar photos I am usually very upfront in my bio but I also talk about places I have traveled to and languages i study and for me that has worked in getting a couple really good sugar daddies. However my biggest issue is that the last sugar daddy I had wanted to treat me as his girlfriend in more ways than one and became very clingy so for me even though Ive had luck I always end up with overly clingy SDs.


    Great tips @jypa224 !

    -Joey 🙂

    Foxy Love
    Foxy Love

    The advice given by @brownsugarbaby is on point trust me the extra mile counts girls.


    Omg I get a lot of views too but very few have said anything or favored me…


    Me and my POT want to go on a dinner date but we dont want it to be weird or obviously because he’s an older white male out to dinner with a young black woman lol. Any advice?



    @nadira028 I don’t have any real advice other than screw other people and their opinion! I’m interested to know how you thought being a sugar baby would work?

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