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    SO met a guy and having had so many salt daddies and bad dates i was surprised.

    Myself and my girls were having a few cocktails at the sanderson in Mayfair before we headed out, i went to the bar and a well dressed male was sitting sipping a whiskey around 30-35, not my usual type at all but looked pleasant enough. General bar chit chat he offered to buy me a drink and i said sorry im with my girls, he said that isn’t a problem and bought us a round of cocktails putting them on his tab, i was surprised a nice guy buying a table of drinks with no sexual remarks. He leaves and as he does 2 bottles of champagne are delivered to our table from the guy who had just left with a note “ladies enjoy your night out “. by this stage i am intrigued and so are my friends who i cannot explain why / how / who. I ask the barman who is that he says he doesn’t know speaks to the concierge and he knows that is Mr ( blank), stays with us few times a year and is staying for two nights fri/sat, i ask more but am directed to the hotel manager.

    we decide not to head out and enjoy our champagne, mr blank returns with another man had drinks, they stand shake hands and the other guy leaves, ive been staring so much im surprised people didn’t think i was stalking him. so this hotel has a bar for us mere mortals and a bar for guests of the hotel which is open later than the others, i attempt to approach as he enters to say hello or sorry for staring and am promptly stopped by the hotel as not being a guest, he waves me in they let me which felt nice, we talked i brought up seeking arrangement saying he must get a lot of ladies throwing themselves at him thankfully he had heard of it had previously been on and off with some good but mostly negative experiences, i made a joke about him being out for a date tonight and he laughed he wishes he took and old friend for a beer and a steak.

    By this point ive had a few drinks im enjoying this guys company, my friends have came to find me and he waves them into the bar too we all talk, discuss lives what we do, he says i work to live not live to work and work for a moderately successful technology company, drinks are flowing ive not had to buy any drinks they just keep coming with the waitress not mentioning money. its around 1:45am he says goodnight and leaves i approach the bar and ask about the bill it has all been taken care of we do not need to worry but can order further drinks until 2:30am. waitress hands me a note it says, great to meet you all enjoy the bar and his phone number if i would let him take me out message him.

    Well after all that glad to say i met him tonight in central London, we had drinks at the shard, he was greeting on arrival so was i made me feel great, we took a private view of the shard with champagne a fantastic time, i am sitting writing this from a penthouse view in my room in the shard that he got me so lets hope it moves forward nicely.




    Very good story @LucyV, thank you for sharing.

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