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    aight im gonna start this off by saying im a minor – BUT WAIT BEFORE YOU KILL ME – i honestly dont know where to ask this kind of question so im resorting to here rip

    my family’s in a bit of a financial situation, along with trying to pay for study trips for me and my parents, so im getting kind of desperate for ways to find money, as i dont have a car and live in a very remote area where the closest working area is miles away. yes im a minor so actually sugar babying is out of the question, plus im asexual and have no interest whatsoever in doing any kind of sexual favors. HOWEVER, i am an artist, and i think im at a point where i can say i think my art is pretty decent. i was WONDERING if anyone knew of like. a sugar daddy equivalent??? i guess?? essentially a constantly recurring commissioner who just like. pays me a lot for my art lmao. i know this is probably the WORST place to ask it but i really wasnt sure where else to go. please dont go too hard on me ;v;


    @broccoliftw, no need to apologize for being a miner – it’s a noble activity.

    #GalaxyQuest for those not getting the joke.

    Short answer, this should not be something you have to take responsibility for in your family. Take your time growing up and focusing on your art. Quite frankly, you have few options to get your art noticed and sold, especially to a patron.

    Good luck.


    Fellow artist & new SB to *SA, past experiences had no label of “sugar,” etc.. I could write you an entire novel on this subject as far as navigating the art world as a fledgling artist & trying to find commissioned works, installations, or selling large works.. the benefactor, supporter, online followers, “fans,” etc..
    is definitely a “thing” in the art world & has been since.. oh idk.. have you taken art history?

    Short answer: Use social media to your advantage as you are underage & most likely just starting out, but assuming that you have quality content- choose your platform- find your supporters online- thats where the future of art is headed anyway.

    THEN the topic of sugaring, and the possibilities of not only finding a potential benefactor for your works but also a mentor- is there crossover there? Sure! Is it a good idea? Again, thats a long & complicated answer that depends on variables surrounding you, your work & YOUR life. As you stated, you are a minor, so obvs this is not a solution for you right now.

    There are some similarities between the two, but it is still two different things. I hope this helps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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