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    I use a derivative of my name. My cell number doesn’t lead back to my social media nor does my email address. Security laws are pretty strict regarding cell number in RSA. You cannot get one unless you verify your address etc. not even a burner.
    Of course there are ways around it which is what I have done although it was unintentional. You can search my cell number but without inside access to the service provider or a court warrant will allow you to find any info on me. And if you do i’ve been smart enough to ensure it’s outdated. Good luck with that.
    My current SD tried to find me on social media and it showed up while he was showing me something else. There was nothing. If you are unsure of whether your security measures work then I suggest you google yourself. If you find anything then you have made a mistake.

    @davidsd you being bad? The thought never entered my mind. Naughty, dirty and adventurous did though 😋

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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