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    Not related to sugar dating but I’m going to a symposium for work next year (Sep/Oct) in Las Vegas and would love to meet some of you!

    Itll be my first time visiting the US so would also be keen to know where you guys think is worth visiting.

    I love nature/hiking, so the national parks are high on my list.

    I’m only planning on 2-3 weeks.


    @josieforyou, ah, you will have more options than you have time for on the trip. Assuming you use Vegas as a hub, here are some ideas/thoughts:

    1) Grand Canyon in Arizona, easy to reach/drive to, great nature and hiking
    Note, for hiking, if you’re like me, you’re used to going up first then having the easy trek down. The canyon is the opposite.
    Finish by having to climb out of the bloody canyon.
    2) Utah parks such as Arches, Zion and Bryce
    3) Los Angeles – great big city, lots of food, beaches, etc. Biggest minus, it takes forever to drive anywhere (top speed on the 405 is about 25 MPH, not the posted 65 due to traffic)
    4) Yosemite – crowded but amazing
    5) San Diego or Orange County for beaches (can also be paired with LA)
    6) One of the California Wine Countries – Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, Monterey, Napa, Sonoma, etc.
    7) Slightly farther afield cities not too far from LV (hour flight or slightly more) – Seattle, Portland, SF, Denver, Salt Lake City

    The one gotcha for outdoor activities is that October begins to face a weather risk. Some years it can be great in the places others getting cold and even a bit snowy.



    Thank you @sfwinefan! I did see in my very early enquiries that some of the parks start closing Nov through to Feb so will plan to do the outdoorsy stuff before the symposium rather than afterward. Glad to see a few areas that caught my eye were on your list too, must mean I’m on the right track!

    San Fran is on my list too so if you’re around 🍷

    How worthwhile is the east coast? Given how long the trip is (from Aus to the US) everyone says I’d be crazy to not at least visit NYC. Part of me thinks I’m going to be hard pressed to see what I want on the west coast so why add a cross country trip too.. another part of me thinks it might be my only trip to the US so i should see as much as possible!
    The vegan food is supposedly amazing so might have to make the trip for that alone, and to maybe meet some of the people from the forum!



    The U.S. is really big, so there is really no way you can do both West and East Coast in 2-3 weeks. I’d say choose one or the other and focus on that for your trip.

    To add to list of @sfwinefan
    1) Pebble Beach/Carmel-by-the-Sea – my personal favorite beach, high-end golf course, rich people and nice views
    2) Yosemite is seconded 🙂
    3) Pretty much travel along Hwy 1 (running through California, Oregon, and Washington for amazing nature views, with the opportunities to stop along the way)
    4) Lake Tahoe – mountainous and there’s less people in October because school have already started

    On the East Coast side –
    1) NYC – Central Park I’ve heard is amazing; never been there in the fall though
    2) New York – very nature-y outside of NYC, Niagara Falls
    3) Washington, D.C.
    (that’s all I know for East Coast, someone might add more).

    I’m in the SF/Bay Area, so feel free to hit me up.



    The New York question is entirely up to your personal passion for it. I’d massively pass if pressed for an opinion. Zion is extremely close to Vegas so a no brainer. To SF’s list I’d only add Page AZ and maybe continue on to Monument Valley. You could do the north rim of Grand Canyon instead of the more touristy south rim and make it a straight shot Zion to north rim to Page to MV. For what Page has search Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon; both are literally minutes from downtown (very small town). Perhaps turn and loop back by way of Moab UT (close to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks (also world famous mountain biking destination.) That’s a purely activity based and scenic American West trip eschewing all big cities (as is my default.)



    Thanks guys!
    Tbh I dont have much interest in the East coast, I just started to worry when everyone was outraged when I told them I didnt have plans to go to NY 😂
    West coast this time then East Coast if I decide the US is worth a second trip 😊😊


    @josieforyou, your thought to skip both is what I would recommend. The travel time (full day effectively to go East), eats into your time to see things.

    That being said, I love NYC, especially in October, and you can spend 3 weeks within a 40 block area and never see it all. In Washington DC, I could spend a week (and more) just in the museums on the Mall, let alone everything else. None of that even touches things like Boston, New England in the fall, Long Island, Baltimore, Georgia (including Atlanta), and Florida.

    @la_tora, sorry, my bad. I think of Monterey as including Carmel, Pebble, and Pacific Grove. But yes, that would be the a key area to go to! It’s actually my go to area for a weekend away.



    I second all the recommendations above. Visited North Rim, Zion, and Bryce canyons this summer. They are spectacular! Also Yellowstone is incredible but may need a long drive or short flight from Vegas.

    Would love to meet you @josieforyou if you do visit San Franciso.

    Tried to respond earlier but I was blocked for some reason!



    Thank you @siegfried! SF is definitely on my itinerary so I’d love to meet you 😊🍷


    A couple more spots to consider if you’re driving up and down the coast: Big Sur, Hertz Castle, LA and OC beaches, Disneyland, Seal Beach (If you havent encountered any by that point), San Diego, Joshua Tree NP, Salton Sea.

    A lot of people will do a trip through California with the above and then see Yosemite when traveling the other direction. Or you could skip one of those legs to go straight to LV and see the national parks above.

    When you’re in LV, make sure to eat at Lotus of Siam. There’s also a little park called Valley of Fire that’s very worthwhile and only 40 minutes drive from LV.



    Still no luck



    If you decide to ignore those left coast snobs…(you know who you are…👿) and swing by the big 🍎, please let me know! I would love to spend a day doing the tourist things that we locals never get around to! I have always wanted to roller skate down the Guggenheim 😜!


    @simplesimone, heck for the chance to roller skate down the Gugenheim, I’ll make it back out! Mind you, only if I could talk you into also stopping at the Frick (my favorite gem or an art museum nearby).

    @siegfried, I’ll arm wrestle you for the first crack at meeting @josieforyou when she makes it out! Although @Josie, feel free to reach out as I would welcome the chance to say hello and take you out. @siegfried, I’d be happy to throw back a stiff one sometime and compare notes. Finally, @la_tora, the invitation is open as well if you need a local sympathizer.

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    It’s a date! I’ve been meaning to experience St. Francis in Ecstasy anyway.

    Looking for my special “roller skating” tube sox and headband right now!

    Do you mind if we stop by the Museum of Natural History too? We can take selfies pretending that the giant blue whale is falling on us!

    See @josieforyou, you don’t know what you are missing here 😉




    I second Lotus of Siam in LV. Chef owner Saipin Chutima’s cooking is awesome. They also have a phenomenal wine list. Some of us wine geeks make a special trip to Lotus just to raid their cellar! Great wine prices for a restaurant! Penny Chutima, manger there is a friend.

    @sfwinefan – Why don’t we all take @josieforyou to dinner? Since it needs to be Vegan, perhaps Greens. Alternatively I am sure I can get Corey Lee to create a Vegan tasting menu at Benu for us. 😎 And let me know when you’d like to compare notes. I am dining at Akikos tomorrow although I’ll be with Collegues.

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