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    Yes, I understand that what I wrote was stupid. I regret it very much.
    Have experienced some things recently and it has made me so insecure lately.

    I really regret and I am so sorry to have insulted people here.
    And I understand if you do not think I’m a good person, It’s my fault for giving a bad first impression.
    I’m really sorry.


    First things first. Find a SD before you start trying to check things off of your shopping list. These men (and sometimes women) aren’t here to magically grant your monetary wishes, they’re human beings looking for a relationship. One that will hopefully be mutually beneficial. Very few SDs (and SMs) enjoy being made to feel like a walking bank account.
    Check your motivation for becoming a SB. If it’s just to get a new apartment, do everyone a favor and either find a roommate you can split that apartment with or get smarter about your personal finances. If you’re here because you are looking for a relationship and are sure that you’re going to enrich someone else’s life with your presence, take the time to read through the forums and learn from what the SDs and SBs have to say about sugaring. It’s not as easy as you seem to think.



    After reading your post here and profile, I suggest you hide your profile for a week and read, read, read. Read the blogs here on LTS, and go through the forums. You especially need to read about creating a good profile and understanding the economies of scale in the sugar bowl.
    As your profile is presented now, you will have a difficult time finding a legit SD. Take a step back educate yourself on the sugar life.

    Pro tip: Northern European SD are few and far between, once you get your profile together concentrate on Germany, France, Italy.

    Seattle Slew
    Seattle Slew


    Goodness me, please do not ask that on a first date as you’d come across as a golddigger and very entitled. I second what @SounthernSD said and read, read, read. Whoever is serving you that dross about you asking for an apartment on a meet and greet with a POT is just living in a different world.



    It’s all been said, but to emphasize again, no SD is going to buy their new SB an apartment. SRs just don’t work that way. You may receive an allowance high enough to cover the rent/mortgage on a nice apartment, but getting the SD directly involved would be a mistake. SR’s can end at any time, and you don’t want him to have any claim over your property.

    You need to do your research and perfect your profile. If you decide that the lifestyle is for you, and you can find a generous SD, negotiate to receive an allowance in cash. Once you have at least a 6 month buffer saved up, you can start to look towards funding that apartment yourself.

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