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    This man, who is my therapist, had said something to me that made me feel uncertain about how he views me. I had told him once that I liked him as a therapist. Right after I had made that comment, he told me that he was glad that I had said that and that I’ve always been his favorite client. Another time, I was getting ready to leave a session and he said, “I hope you enjoy this warm weather, such as yourself”. Then he quickly fixed what he had said by saying, “such as today”. He also tries to find things in common with me. For example, I had told him that I was Greek. Then, he told me that he was Greek too even though he has told me multiple times in the past that he only has Swedish ancestry. Sometimes, with some of the things that I’m interested in, he’d apply some of my interests into his life that he’s never been interested in before. For example, if I was really into astrology, he’d start getting into astrology too.

    I’m also in group therapy with him. During these group therapy sessions, he’d would always try to sit next to me even when there were other seats open and available for him to sit in next to other clients. I would try to sit somewhere else to see if he’d would follow me and he never fails to sit next to me. If he isn’t able to sit next to me at all, he’ll stare at me for a long time after the session is over and as I’m getting myself ready to leave. He also mirrors my body language while he’s looking and listening to other people within the group. If I sit back in my chair, he sits back in his chair a 3 seconds later. Or , if I rest my hand by my neck, he’ll do the same right after me. He’s married with kids and I’m single. He’s in his 30’s and I’m in my 20’s. I’ve been his client for three years.

    Why is he doing all of this?



    Because this has no correlation to sugar dating, I’m inclined to think this is a BS post.. but in case it’s not.. you need to find yourself a new therapist. Totally inappropriate behaviour from someone who is supposed to be a professional.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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