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    Let’s talk photos.

    I think mine are bad and I really want to improve them. It’s not about hiding the unfortunate features that my parents gave me but producing something that I just feel happy with.

    So what makes a good SD photo? I guess most photos here are a selfie taken on a phone.

    As an SD, I only see SB photos and generally most are fine. I don’t like the close up of the open cleavage. I am ok with a SB photo in a hotel room or washroom. I don’t understand how so many 18 to 20 year olds are in a hotel room to take a photo!

    So question for sb’s. Any tips for a good or bad SD photo? Are you ok with an SD in the hotel room or washroom? Prefer indoors or outdoors? What about face hidden? Maybe a selfie is too close? What puts you off a guys photo?

    The fact is, some guys aren’t that attractive and photos are the first thing you see so is there anything they can do to make you read further, then want to meet them.


    @daddyshome good question. I’ll be curious to hear the SB response to this.

    I’ll tell you what I have on mine.

    I have 3 pictures, one standing in the water at the beach. One, were I had just finished working out. That was a candid picture that one of the employees took at the gym, I did not know she was taking it until I looked up.

    Lastly, one of me standing in a suit with a scotch in my hand. I took that my self using the timer on the phone.

    None of them are close up but you can see my face clearly and my body type. Most importly I’m smiling in all of them.

    Hope this helps

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    @daddyshome Thank you for asking such a great question. If only more SD’s cared how they are represented! I can tell you what I see, that catches my attention.

    I enjoy photos that show a gentleman enjoying life. Photos outside, smiling, looking like they are having a fun time. Sunglasses do not bother me with those shots. I want to feel like I’m going to have a fantastic adventure with this man.

    A well lit selfie is nice too. It seems the men like the selfies taken in the bathroom mirror, in respective to the selfies of younger SB’s in hotel rooms 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I prefer selfies that are clear, well lit and smiling at me, without sunglasses. I want to see my gentleman’s eyes, his smile, even the gorgeous crinkles and laugh lines. I want to know the excited smile I can look forward to, as I contribute to care for him and his desires.

    The location is mute as long as I’m not spotting his filthy counter tops, unkept room or sliced out female. Please remember to check out the background of your photos! I for one, see what’s going on in the background. You can tell a lot from a photo this way. Sometimes a story is told that is not meant to be shared. Think about that SD’s and SB’s.

    Personally, I am a sucker for the smartly dressed gentleman. SWOON!!! A clear photo of a SD in a tuxedo, nice suit or even a classic necktie gets my attention every single time! I will ALWAYS check out a profile when I come across those photos. Not only does it show class, sophistication, and style; it expresses a pride in self (not stuck up asshole, but self worth) while showing some effort for us SB’s. As ladies, we are always expected to be “on”. I believe so many guys feel that if they have the means of a SD, that’s all they need to project. They couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m not talking about facial pictures even. Most gents in these formal photos do not even show their face. However, the effort put into cleaning up well, goes further than all other photos. At least that is my honest opinion.

    I hope this helps some. Keep asking questions and best of luck in the sugar bowl!


    I just want to chime in here to state categorically that hotel room shots are NOT good. If anything, they scream escort. Just don’t.


    @hoosierdaddy we get it, you don’t like escorts or whores as you put it 🙄🙄

    This is going to sound harsh but if you’re very far from whats conventionally attractive or your photos are crappy selfies, don’t have a public photo IMO. So many SDs dont have photos that it’s not necessarily a dealbreaker, unlike if a SB didn’t have photos.

    I strongly dislike selfies, especially mirror selfies (dont get me started on if the mirror is dirty) and grainy webcam pics (seedy vibes). I also don’t like when men have cropped a woman out of the photo — i cant understand my psychology behind that because i dont care of marital status.

    I guess I just like candids – then all the normal rules apply. Well lit, smile etc. Its better if they’re reflective of the interests in the bio too – mention you run marathons? Put a running photo up etc.

    I dont mind if men post hotel photos, even if it makes men look like Johns… I mean, that is the only reason people stay in hotels right? To see whores? 😑😑😑 oh wait, its just women who mustn’t have legit reasons to stay in hotels. silly me.


    If I see a SB has photos from a washroom then I assume one of these
    1. She lives with people and needs privacy
    2. Her place is a mess
    3. She got drunk in the bar and decided to be a SB

    All of these are ok reasons for me. I don’t necessarily associate hotel room photos with escorts because some aren’t sexual.

    Nice replies. Pity there’s not more. You cannot complain if you don’t speak up when you’re given the opportunity.


    Personally, I like clear photos that have been taken during an event, by someone else. A variety of photos of you in different locations, at different events, that show me that you actually get out and do interesting things: biking, races, dinner event, wedding, at the office, etc. Selfies are too up close (not usually attractive) and if you only have selfies I wonder if you have any friends or get out much. If selfies are taken in a bathroom I’m grossed out. Ew. lol

    Definitely, even if all else fails, don’t post a bathroom selfie! ; P

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