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    What’s sugaring been like for you in Chicago?

    I’m currently in rural midwest, moving to Chicago in spring 19′ and very excited sugaring-wise. The average allowance here is around $1200 or so (though my current SD gives me more), most offers I get are around $1k. I’m hoping that the average in Chicagoland is around $3k, do you find that to be true?

    Also just excited for so many more options of SDs in general as there’s around 20 or so active SA SD profiles at a time within an hour of me (I currently drive an hour each way to see my SD, but sometimes drive 2-3.5 hours to see occasional SDs)

    Obviously there will be more SBs as well, so ‘competition’, but I’m fine with that and understand. So what’s it been like for you? Are the guys cheap, not cheap, nice, looking for more of one type of arrangement or another? I’d love to hear about your experience. (Also feel free to keep in touch, we could meet up in January!)

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