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    Hi. I was wondering when is it appropriate to discuss allowance.? I know I read before intimacy when a potential SD is showing numbers at me before I even meet him it feels weird.

    Also does anyone know what an average sugar baby allowance is? Lets say for meeting a man 2 times a week or something? I just don’t even know what to ask for and if my requests are ridiculous or not. I feel like they generally offer me less than I was thinking.


    Always discuss, agree and receive an allowance before intimacy. Don’t fall for promises that he’ll be generous at the end of the month.

    For me, it would also be weird to discuss exact numbers before meeting in person. How often are we going to meet? For how long? What activities are we going to do? Are we going to travel? What are the POT SBs needs? Is she using the allowance to invest in herself and education, or just to purchase nice shoes? It all makes a difference. Of course, most SDs have a monthly sugar budget, so it makes sense to get a feel for what the other person is looking for, but I like to keep it vague until we’ve met. Ideally make an offer at the end of the M&G, or perhaps in some followup messages if that’s more comfortable.

    For the actual allowance, it’s probably best to talk directly with other SBs in your area ( try the connect with other sugar babies thread ). It’s going to vary a lot based on location. Most important is that it’s an amount that you’re happy with. Something that makes it worthwhile to spend time with that particular SD. There are always going to be SBs with higher allowances than you.



    If a POT is messaging you with numbers before you even meet him, that’s probably not a great sign. There are a lot of guys on SA who will throw allowance figures at you in introductory messages, and it’s just BS. A true sugar daddy will want to meet you to see if there’s a connection and chemistry before he’s ready to shower you with money and gifts.

    An allowance amount depends on many variables… your location, how often you’ll be seeing each other, monogamous or not, are there gifts and travel involved, what are your needs?, etc. Know what your needs are (within reason) so that you can confidently discuss them when the time is right. I am of the mindset that a perfect sugar relationship is one in which the SD shows his support not out of obligation, but because he genuinely wants to. That type of connection is ideal.

    As for when to discuss, I like to wait until after the M&G… as in, don’t rush into the money chat! If he brings it up through text or by phone AFTER the M&G, you could discuss it then. A really good sugar daddy will ask to see you again for lunch or dinner, and that’s when the two of you can solidify the details of your arrangement. Here’s a blog post I wrote after interviewing some sugar daddies on the subject of allowances. If it’s helpful to you, please click the heart at the bottom of the article.


    Good luck to you, and happy sugaring!


    I totally disagree with not discussing finances up front. I would have been on 300 pointless first dates in the past 3 months if I did not.

    SA will take anyone’s CC information and allow them to log on and message. Most here (98%) do not have the funds to be anything but salt and you will waste your time. This unfortunately has only gotten worse since they closed down backpage (seized by the feds) and craigslist.

    Every survey SA sends me my reply is always the same, raise your membership rates X10 please!!!!



    Raising membership rates isn’t a solution. The true “value” of this site is $20 per month (at most). From a SD point of view the problem with this site is the entire flawed business model that gives free membership to any woman with a pulse. The over all quality of SBs here is pathetic. Young, immature girls who are clueless AF. No successful guy wants a 20 year old who posts 1 poor quality kitty cat snapchat photo and a profile of “I want a monthly allowance” or “stay at home mommy with 3 kids who cant work because of ptsd from a bad relationship”. I mean WTF!

    And then the self righteous SBs are shocked and outraged when these raging dumpster fires attract scammers and guys looking for a quick piece of ass.

    SA’s bread and butter is gouging men for $90 per month for backpage quality hookers. Until they figure out how to up the quality of women here you’ll continue to have the lowest common denominator of men and women.



    there’s a demand for dumb girls with a pulse, because they can be tricked into thinking that $20 is an allowance. I wouldn’t be so quick to assess that the overall quality of SA is low because the women are dumb and entitled. it absolutely goes both ways. The only reason why SA is successful, compared to other SD/SB websites is because it doesn’t charge SB’s for a membership. I don’t think the problem is the price or lack thereof of a membership for either SB or SDs, but the quality of people in general. Most SB’s want the world and to offer nothing while surprise surprise, most SDs are broke, fat, ugly and rude. Imagine that..

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