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    Hello guys!

    I have been in an arrangement for upwards of nine months now and have finally wanted to get back into the game after such success. After dealing with johns and some potential men from my previous hunt, I am preparing my return and trying to come back better than ever.

    I have met with three real sugar daddies in my previous hunt and accidentally let the best one go (who was the richest) who wanted to discuss finances on our second meeting but was too scared. I did, hook onto the second best one and have been in an arrangement with him. However, I still miss ol’ “John” (not his name but whatever) as he was actually attractive, had fancy cars and texted me first (it was finals time and I blew him off way too many times that the business owner who had much better things to do just gave up).

    Now that I have secured this arrangement which is odd, I am here asking–when is the best time to talk about money?

    I have always been shy to in our first meetings.
    I have heard of some girls discussing it in the first phone call. Some girls discuss it on the first date.

    However, I feel like as a sugar baby, we all have our own different… theme. Some are extremely confident and pull in men who want a confident women. Some are shy and pull in men who want a submissive woman. Many of the men I meet think I am fresh and rejuvenating–my shyness helps with this and building this theme. And with that, I have trouble bringing up money and an easier time just trying to make them feel happy (I don’t mean sex).

    Is it best to discuss money on the first date? Or first phone call? Or how about the second date?

    I have had a scheme of the first date being the interview. The second date being the reinforcement and the third date being the business.
    However, I don’t think that is the best. Second should be the business, no?

    What do you successful babies do?

    Exotic caramel
    Exotic caramel


    When I was knew to the sugar scene, I found it near impossible to dicuss allowance amounts, this meant by the third date when id have expected details to be discussed of a possible arrangement, the man was focused on getting me into the bedroom, without so much as a discussion about our expectations, I wasted a lot of time that I cannot get back.

    So step two, I decided to get braver, I would meet a guy for a date, then when they contact me to arrange a second date, id bring up expectations, at this point alot of men pulled out, this showed me they were out to get what they want for nothing, at risk of my dignity, and yet again, time wasted.

    I believe I am now on the way to successfully discussing expectations prior to the first date (its a working progress)

    We would speak online casually for a bit, find out what they are looking for, weed out the time wasters and guys looking for quick fix meets. Then after finding out a bit about them, id instigate a brief convo about expectations, if we have similar goals id arrange for a date.

    On the date we enjoy each others company, if it feel right discuss details of an arrangement, if not then just relax and enjoy the date and then discuss details over text or phone call after the date.

    I still have so much to learn, so far its worked for me and iv met some great guys!!

    Hope this helped…


    @jsmitheart you may want to check out some of the blog posts about allowance, that should be a good start.



    Depends on your comfort level and your comfort level with the guy. It doesn’t depend on anything else, like “what other people do.” They are not you, you are not them.

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