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    I’ve been on here for a while and have lost hope (at times). I notice that there are SB summits happening around the “world”. So my question is when will South Africa be graced with the SB summit presence? I want to mingle and meet like minded women and possibly my future SB sisters.

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    Hey there! I actually need an advice. I’ve been here for weeks now and it’s getting harder and harder to get even a “favourite”
    My description of what I want is great and my profile picture (We’ll I hope) but it’s still hard to get a good sugar daddy. I feel like deleting my account and leave all this but a part of me is still hopeful. What should I do?


    @didima try posting a request for profile help in the Advice section, the SDs are pretty good about giving advice.



    Im a Newbie just joined today actually and reading your comments just made a little bit nervous. Any good news on your side ladies?

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